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Functional Materials

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The main activity of the group "Functional Materials" is devoted to the study of oxide, chalcogenide, oxychalcogenide, pnictide and oxypnictide materials that present interesting physical properties for various applications (thermoelectricity, superconductivity, ballistic thermal conductivity, dielectric properties, ferroelectric properties, ionic conductivity, ...). Our research activities span from the synthesis of the materials, in polycristalline form or as single crystals, towards the study of their physical properties and of the links between these properties and their crystalline and/or magnetic structures. We also design original characterization equipments in relation with the properties we wish to characterize.

Our group consists of two professors (Nita Dragoe, Loreynne Pinsard-Gaudart) ; a professor emeritus (Patrick Berthet) ; four ass. professors (David Bérardan, Claudia Decorse, Raphaël Haumont and Nghi Pham) ; and two engineers (Céline Roux-Byl, Romuald Saint-Martin).

Among our recent most stricking results, we can mention the development of new efficient thermoelectric materials belonging to the copper oxychalcogenides (BiCuSeO), the development of a new crystal growth method under electric field, the observation of ballistic thermal conduction in spin ladder 1D oxides, or the first study of the physical properties of high entropy oxides.


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