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Mixed hybridization systems : Towards the "after C60"

Vincent Huc (Research Dir.)

Postdoc : Dr. Julien Buendia, Dr. Timothée Naret, Dr. Alberto Diez De La Varga

PhD students : Thomas Blin, Abdoul-Nasser Moussa-Bamba

Associate researchers : Cyril Martini (NOVECAL), Ekaterina Shilova (AJELIS)

The research of the group is developped around 5 axes :

  1. Calixarene-based materials for decontamination and recovery of strategic metals
  2. Calixarenes-supported catalysts
  3. Giant calixarenes : a new family of macromolecular objects
  4. Towards the total synthesis of SWCN (Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes)
  5. Surface chemistry for the in-growth control of the electronic properties of SWCNTs


PhD theses


Abdoul-Nasser Moussa-Bamba — Towards the total synthesis of carbon nanotubes

PhD advisor : Vincent Huc (Started in october 2020)

Thomas Blin — Nanoalloys for the in growth control of the structure of carbon nanotubes

PhD advisor : Vincent Huc ; Co-advisor : Annick Loiseau (ONERA, Palaiseau)(Started in november 2019)


Axel Labattut— Catalysts based on organometallic complexes on calixarenes (2021)

PhD advisor : Vincent Huc

Alice Castan — Growth and characterization of single-walled carbon nanotubes from chemically synthesized catalyst precursors (2018)

PhD advisors : Vincent Huc and Annick Loiseau (LEM, Palaiseau)

Marie Clément — Calixarenes for the radiolytic synthesis of metallic nanoparticles (2017)

PhD advisor : Isabelle Lampre (LCP, Orsay) ; Co-advisor : Cyril Martini

Baptiste Boutonnet — Towards the total synthesis of Zig-Zag single walled carbon nanotubes with well-defined diameters (2014)

PhD advisor : Vincent Huc

Last publications (2016 - Today)

Synthesis and characterization of polystyrene-b-poly(vinyldipicolinic acid) pH-responsive core-shell nanoparticles. A. W. Mouhamad, T. Elzein, N. Barroca-Aubry, E. Simoni, N. Berri, F. Brisset, V. Huc, P. Roger, European Polymer Journal, 2023, 201, 112541

η-Carbides (Co, Mo, or W) Nanoparticles from Octacyanometalates Precursors-Based Network. T. Blin, A. Girard, F. Fossard, N. Guillou, L. Catala, A. Loiseau, V. Huc, Small, 2023, n/a, 2301299

Structural Size Effect in Capped Metallic Nanoparticles. C. Moreira Da Silva, A. Girard, Y. Le Bouar, F. Fossard, D. Dragoe, F. Ducastelle, A. Loiseau, V. Huc, ACS Nano, 2023, 17, 5663-5672

A simple and efficient process for the synthesis of 2D carbon nitrides and related materials. C. Moreira Da Silva, M. Vallet, C. Semion, T. Blin, R. Saint-Martin, J. Leroy, D. Dragoé, F. Brisset, C. Gillet, R. Guillot, V. Huc, Scientific Reports, 2023, 13, 15423

Synthesis and structural properties of high-entropy nanoalloys made by physical and chemical routes. A. Barbero, C. Moreira da Silva, N. Ortiz Pena, N. Kefane, A. Jaafar, M. Thorey, H. Bouaia, J. Nelayah, G. Wang, H. Amara, C. Ricolleau, V. Huc, D. Alloyeau, Faraday Discuss., 2022

A Calix[8]arene-Based Catalyst for Suzuki–Miyaura Couplings with Reduced Pd_Leaching. E. Adhel, A. Labattut, T. Naret, D. Dragoe, V. Huc, Catalysts, 2022, 12

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Palladium PEPPSI-IPr Complex Supported on a Calix[8]arene: A New Catalyst for Efficient Suzuki–Miyaura Coupling of Aryl Chlorides. A. Labattut, I. Abdellah, J. Buendia, S. Abi Fayssal, E. Adhel, D. Dragoe, C. Martini, E. Schulz, V. Huc, Catalysts, 2020, 10, 1081

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Procédé de préparation à hauts rendements de p-(R)calix[9-20]arènes. C. Martini, V. Huc (2014) 14/51660

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Cryptands à base de calix[4]arènes associés à un macrocycle azoté et leur utilisation pour l’extraction sélective de métaux stratégiques (Déposé le 11/10/2017) Brevet français  n° FR1759523

Catalyseurs supportés cycliques (Brevet déposé le 27.10.2016) Brevet français n° FR16/60471



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