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Ongoing PhD theses

Thomas Blin

PhD advisor : Vincent Huc (Started in november 2019)

Sophie Gadan — Complexes métalliques photo-commutables et photo-commutateurs chiroptiques

PhD advisor : Pei Yu ; Co-advisor : Anne Léaustic (Started in october 2019)

Riya George — Nanoparticles and their controlled assemblies for theranostics

PhD advisor : Laure Catala (Started in october 2019)

Arthur Tauzin — Monolayers of switchable coordination compounds

PhD advisor : Marie-Laure Boillot (Started in october 2019)

Chanjuan Zhang — Nouvelles métalloporphyrines modifiées comme catalyseurs pour la réduction du CO2

PhD advisor : Ally Aukaloo ; Co-advisor : Zakaria Halime (Started in october 2019)

Nicolo Baggi — Synthesis and characterization of molecular systems with a light-induced fluorescence hysteresis

PhD advisor : Yu Pei ; Co-advisor : Anne Léaustic (Started in november 2018)

Adama N'Diaye — New developments in X-ray absorption spectroscopy dedicated to innovation : The case of molecular memories for high-density data storage

PhD advisor : Anne Bleuzen ;  Co-advisor : Amélie Bordage (Started in october 2018)

Amanda Robinson — New Fe complexes with a non-innocent second coordination sphere for bio-inspired oxydation catalysis

PhD advisor : Frédéric Banse ; Co-advisor : Jean-Noël Rebilly (Started in october 2018)

Laura Altenschmidt — New materials with properties induced by the synergy between anisotropic shape and anisotropic organization of nanoparticles

PhD advisor : Anne Bleuzen ;  Co-advisor : Giulia Fornasieri (Started in october 2017)

Asma Khadhraoui — Development of new catalysts for the CO2 reduction

PhD advisor : Ally Aukauloo ; Co-advisor : Zakaria Halime (Started in october 2017)

Axel Labattut — Catalysts based on organomettalic complexes on calixarenes

PhD advisor : Vincent Huc (Started in september 2017)

Luqiong Zhang — Magnetic anisotropy of functionnal coordination nanoparticles: Experimental and theoretical investigations

PhD advisor : Talal Mallah ; Co-advisor : Philippe Sainctavit (IMPMC) (Started in september 2015)



Defended PhD theses


Mai Linh Trinh— Switchable coordination nanoparticles

PhD advisor : Laure Catala ; Co-advisor : Talal Malla

Yiting Wang — Syntheses, crystal structure and characterizations of mono- and polynuclear Ni- and Co-based molecular magnets

PhD advisor : Talal Mallah

Nhat Tam Vo — Complexe de fer(III) semi-hémique bioinspiré pour les réactions chimiques et photochimiques de transfert d'atome d'oxygène

PhD advisor : Ally Aukauloo ; Co-advisor : Marie Sircoglou

Philipp Gotico — Stratégies bio-inspirées pour la réduction catalytique et la valorisation du dioxyde de carbone

PhD advisor : Winfried Leibl  (CEA) ; Co-advisor : Ally Aukauloo

Youngju Ro Molecular complexes for artificial photosynthesis

PhD advisor : Ally Aukauloo


Antoine Bohn — Electrochemical approach of the reductive activation of O2 by iron based molecular complexes

PhD advisor : Frédéric Banse ; Co-advisor : Katell Sénéchal-David

Lucile Fétiveau — Coordination network nanoparticles for theranostic applications

PhD advisor : Laure Catala

Benjamin Cahier — A theoretical study of the magnetic anisotropy in transition metal complexes : The cases of mono- and binuclear Ni(II) and Co(II) complexes

PhD advisor : Talal Mallah ; Co-advisor : Nathalie Guihéry (LCPQ, Toulouse)

Alice Castan — Growth and characterization of Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes from chemically synthesized catalyst precursors

PhD advisor : Vincent Huc ; Co-advisor : Annick Loiseau (LEM, Palaiseau)


Marie Clément — Calixarenes for the radiolytic synthesis of metallic nanoparticles

PhD advisor : Isabelle Lampre (LCP, Orsay) ; Co-advisor : Cyril Martini

Clémence Ducloiset — Study of complexes for reactions by oxygen or nitrogen atom transfer : From synthesis to photoactivation

PhD advisor : Ally Aukauloo ; Co-advisor : Marie Sircoglou

Fatima El-Khatib — Synthesis, characterization and magnetic study to Co (II) and Ni (II) complexes with cryptand type ligands

PhD advisors : Talal Mallah and Zeinab Saad (Univ. Libanaise, Beyrouth) ; Co-advisor : Hala Hafez (Univ. Libanaise, Beyrouth)

Stéphanie Mendes-Marinho — Characterization of the charge transfer mechanism in photocatalytic molecules, towards the energy production by artificial photosynthesis

PhD advisor : Ally Aukauloo

Feng Shao — Engineering magnetic anisotropy in mononuclear Cobalt(II) complexes and lanthanide-based metallacrowns

PhD advisor : Talal Mallah ; Co-advisor : Victoria Campbell


Robinson Moulin — Mesoporous silica matrices for developping multifunctional nanomaterials

PhD advisor : Anne Bleuzen


Charlotte Buron — Development of novel oxidation bioinspired catalysts : non heme iron(II) complexes grafted on gold electrode or β-lactoglobuline

PhD advisor : Frédéric Banse ; Co-advisor : Katell Sénéchal-David

Jérôme Laisney — Influence of the environment on the switching properties of spin transition micro- and nano- particles

PhD advisor : Marie-Laure Boillot

Gabriella Paul — Coordination networks nanoparticles as contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging

PhD advisor : Laure Catala

Virgile Trannoy — Toward the Elaboration of Recordable Magnetic Track : From Molecule to Material

PhD advisor : Anne Bleuzen

Georges Zakhia — Synthesis, characterization and magnetic properties of single molecule magnets

PhD advisor : Talal Mallah ; Co-advisor : Daoud Naoufal (Univ. Libanaise, Beyrouth)


Baptiste Boutonnet Towards the total synthesis of Zig-Zag Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes with well-defined diameters

PhD advisor : Vincent Huc

Luong Lam Nguyen — Nanoparticles of molecular photoswitches based on spin-crossover Fe(II) complexes with photoisomerizable ligands

PhD advisor : Marie-Laure Boillot


Stéphanie Cherdo — From cage complexes to nanoparticles, new catalysts for hydrogen production

PhD advisor : Ally Aukauloo

Nada Dia — Photomagnetic and contrast agent Coordination nanoparticles

PhD advisors : Talal Mallah and Zeinad Saab (Univ. Libanaise, Beyrouth) ; Co-advisor : Laure Catala

Juliette Guérin — Synthesis and study of Salen-based photochromic diarylethene ligands : Understanding of the metal-photochrome interaction for optical switching

PhD advisor : Pei Yu

Julien Lejeune — Switching properties of CoFe Prussian blue analogues : towards a control of the position in term of energy of the stable and metastable states

PhD advisor : Anne Bleuzen

Yousuf Raza — Spin crossover nanoparticles of Fe(pyrazyne)[Pt(CN)4] : Role of the environment on thermal stability

PhD advisor : Talal Mallah ; Co-advisor : Laure Catala

Sujitraj Sheth — Synthesis and characterization of catalysts for photo-oxidation of water

PhD advisor : Ally Aukauloo ; Co-advisor : Winfried Leibl (CEA, Saclay)

Nathalie Segaud — Study of dioxygen activation by an iron(II) complex and new heterodinuclear complexes : contributions for the development of bioinspired oxydation catalysts

PhD advisor : Frédéric Banse ; Co-advisor : Katell Sénéchal-David





Laure Catala Coordination networks nanoparticles : Bistability, desgined nano-objects and other perspectives



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