Institut de Chimie Moléculaire et des Matériaux d'Orsay



400 MHz senior: Bruker Avance III - Topspin 3.2

400 MHz junior: Bruker Avance I - Topspin 2.1

600 MHz: Bruker Avance II - Topspin 3.1

400 MHz (Senior)  400 MHz (Junior)  600 MHz (Cryo)

These 3 spectrometers, subject to reservation, are dedicated to research and specific experiments.

400 MHz Senior

This magnet is one of the veterans of the NMR service since it was installed and transformed into DRX 400 in 1997. It is nicknamed "400 senior" to differentiate it from the other 400 MHz. Currently it has a Avance III console.
This spectrometer makes it possible to carry out two-dimensional experiments with appreciable time savings (non uniform sampling). It is also equipped with an HRMAS device.

400 MHz Junior

He is nicknamed Junior because he arrived at the Institute in 2002. This spectrometer functions like its counterpart by reservation. It allows, for example, to perform triple carbon 13 resonance experiments decoupled from both proton and phosphorus 31.

600 MHz Cryo

Last acquisition of ICMMO, this spectrometer is equipped with a proton / deuterium cryoprobe allowing experiments to be carried out on small quantities of product but also in natural abundance for deuterium (see additional document). Thanks to this device, we gain a signal-to-noise ratio of 4, resulting in better sensitivity and a gain in acquisition time.