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Nuclear magnetic resonance



Jean Pierre BALTAZE

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Who it works

NMR spectroscopy is an analytical technique used to characterize the structure of molecules. Its principle is based on the properties of the spins of certain nuclei to orient themselves when they are subjected to an intense external magnetic field (B0). Indeed each nucleus has a spin which behaves like a small magnet. For NMR only the nuclei with non-zero spins are observable.

NMR equipments

It consists of six high-field NMR spectrometers to perform NMR in liquid state.

NMR service

Of the six spectrometers, three are self-service (360, 300 and 250 MHz) and the other three (600, and two 400 MHz) subject to reservation. To access the NMR platform services, users have necessarily received training in spectrometer safety and use. The service also performs external services.

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