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Laboratoire de Synthèse Organique et Méthodologie

  • " Photochemical Synthesis of Four-membered Ring Amino Acids " Aitken David J. EPA Newsletter 2012, December, 34-37 [PDF]
  • " Study of the Lithiated Phenylacetonitrile Monoanions and Dianions Formed According to the Lithiated Base Used (LHMDS, LDA, or n-BuLi). 2. Alkylation and Deuteriation Mechanism Study by Vibrational and NMR Spectroscopy and Quantum Chemistry Calculations " Strzalko Tekla, Wartski Lya, Corset Jacques, Castella-Ventura Martine, Froment Francoise J. Org. Chem. 2012, 77, 6431-6442 [PDF]
  • " Pharmacological and structural characterization of conformationally restricted (S)-glutamate analogues at ionotropic glutamate receptors " Juknaitė Lina, Venskutonytė Raminta, Assaf Zeinab, Faure Sophie, Gefflaut Thierry, Aitken David J., Nielsen Birgitte, Gajhede Michael, Kastrup Jette, Bunch Lennart, Frydenvang Lennart, Pickering Darryl J. Struct. Biol. 2012, 180, 39-46 [PDF]
  • " 1-Aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid oxidase: insight into cofactor binding from experimental and theoretical studies " Brisson Lydie, El Bakkali-Taheri Nadia, Giorgi Michel, Fadel Antoine, Kaizer Jozsef, Réglier Marius, Tron Thierry, Ajandouz El Hassan , Simaan A. Jalila J. Biol. Inorg. Chem. 2012, 17, 939-949 [PDF]
  • " Very high stereoselectivity in organocatalyzed desymmetrizing aldol reactions of 3-substituted cyclobutanones " Aitken David J., Bernard Angela M., Capitta Francesca, Frongia Angelo, Guillot Régis, Ollivier Jean, Piras Pier Paolo, Secci Francesco, Spiga Marco Org. Biomol. Chem. 2012, 10, 5045-5048 [PDF]
  • " [2,3]-Sigmatropic Rearrangement of Ynamides: Preparation of α-Amino Allenephosphonates " Gomes Filipe, Fadel Antoine, Rabasso Nicolas J. Org. Chem. 2012, 77, 5439-5444 [PDF]
  • "Hexamethyldisilane" Giros Audrey Synlett 2012, 805-806 [PDF]
  • " Evaluation of an aza-Michael approach for the synthesis of 3,3-dimethyl-2-aminocyclobutane-1-carboxylic acid " Charnay-Pouget Florence, Franck Michael, Baltaze Jean-Pierre, Periera Elisabeth, Aitken David J. ARKIVOC 2012, v, 80-93 [PDF]
  • " Solvent-free stereoselective organocatalyzed aldol reaction of 2-hydroxycyclobutanone " Aitken David J., Capitta Francesca, Frongia Angelo, Ollivier Jean, Piras Pier Paolo, Secci Francesco Synlett 2012, 727-730 [PDF]
  • " Pyrrolidinyl peptide nucleic acid homologues: Effect of ring size on hybridization properties " Mansawat Woraluk, Vilaivan Chotima, Balázs Árpád, Aitken David J., Vilaivan Tirayut Org. Lett. 2012, 14, 1440–1443 [PDF]
  • " Analysis of NAD 2D-NMR Spectra of Saturated Fatty Acids in Polypeptide Aligning Media by Experimental and Modeling Approaches " Serhan Zeïnab, Billault Isabelle, Borgogno A., Ferrarini A., Lesot Philippe Chem. Eur. J. 2012, 18, 117-126 (couverture du journal)

Laboratoire de Chimie des Procédés et des Substances Naturelles

RMN en Milieu Orienté

Physico-chimie de l'Etat Solide

  • " Quels sont les apports potentiels de la plate-forme WIMS ? Application à l’enseignement de la chimie " Duffault Jean-Marc, Rabasso Nicolas, Ramage Marie-Joëlle L'Actualité Chimique 2012, Mai 2012, 47-50
  • " High-temperature ferroic phase transitions and paraelectric cubic phase in multiferroic Bi0.95+delta Fe0.9Zr0.1O3 " J. Wie, Haumont Raphaël, R. Jarrier, Berthet Patrick, B. Dkhil Journal of Applied Physics 2012, 111, 114106
  • " Surface phase transitions in BiFeO3 below room temperature " R. Jarrier, X. Marti, J. Herrero-Albillos, P. Ferrer, Haumont Raphaël, P. Gemeiner, G. Geneste, Berthet Patrick, T. Schulli, P. Cevc, R. Blinc, S-S. Wong, T-J. Park, M. Alexe, M-A. Carpenter, J-F. Scott, G. Catalan, B. Dkhil Physical Review B 2012, 85, 184104
  • " Effect of pressure on the band gap and the local FeO6 environment in BiFeO3 " S. Gomez-Salces, F. Aguado, F. Rodriguez, R. Valiente, J. Gonzalez, Haumont Raphaël, J. Kreisel Physical Review B 2012, 85, 144109
  • " Ferroelectricity and Ferrimagnetism of Hexagonal YbFeO3 Thin Films " H. Ida, T. Koizumi, Y. Uesu, K. Kohn, N. Ikeda, S. Mori, Haumont Raphaël, P-E. Janolin, J.M. Kiat, M. Fukunaga, Y. Noda Journal of Physical Society of Japan 2012, 81, 024719
  • " β-NaFeO2, a new room-temperature multiferroic material " M. Viret, D. Rubi, D. Colson, D. Lebeugle, A. Forget, P. Bonville, G. Dhalenne, Saint-Martin Romuald, G. Andre, F. Ott Materials Research Bulletin 2012, 47, 2294-2298
  • "  Spinon heat transport and spin-phonon interaction in the spin-1/2 Heisenberg chain cuprates Sr2CuO3 and SrCuO2 " N. Hlubek, X. Zotos, S. Singh, Saint-Martin Romuald, Revcolevschi Alexandre, B. Büchner, C. Hess Journal of statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 2012, P03006 ,
  • "  Spin liquid correlations, anisotropic exchange, and symmetry breaking in Tb2Ti2O7 " S. Petit, P. Bonville, J. Robert, Decorse Claudia, I. Mirebeau Physical Review B 2012, 86, 174403
  • " Na-23 NMR study of sodium order in NaxCoO2 with 22 K Neel temperature " H. Alloul, I. R. Mukhamedshin, A. V. Dooglav, Y. V. Dmitriev, V. C. Ciomaga, Pinsard-Gaudart Loreynne, G. Collin Physical Review B 2012, 85, 134433
  • " Experimental investigation of the low-temperature features of a random Heisenberg spin chain " T. Shiroka, F. Casola, V. Glazkov, A. Zheludev, Revcolevschi Alexandre, G. Dhalenne, K. Prsa, H-R Ott, J. Mesot Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2012, 400, 0320894
  • " Cell failure mechanisms in PEM water electrolyzers " Millet Pierre, F. de Guglielmo, S.A. Grigoriev, V.I. Porembskiy Int. J. Hydrogen Energy 2012, 37, 17478-17487
  • " UV laser processing and multiphoton absorption processes in optical telecommunication fiber materials
      " Lancry Matthieu, Poumellec Bertrand Physics Reports 2012, 523, 207-229
  • " Oriented creation of anisotropic defects by IR femtosecond laser scanning in silica " Lancry Matthieu, Poumellec Bertrand, Rudy Desmarchelier, Bernard Bourguignon Opt. Mater. Express 2012, 2, 1809-1821
  • " 3D photo-precipitation of oriented LiNbO3-like crystals in silica based glass with femtosecond laser irradiation " Fan Chaxing, Poumellec Bertrand, Lancry Matthieu, Xuan He, Huidan Zeng, ERRAJI-CHAHID Abdel, Qiming Liu, Guorong Chen Optics Letters 2012, 37, 2955-2957
  • " Comparison between plasma properties and damage thresholds in doped silica exposed to IR femtosecond laser " Lancry Matthieu, Poumellec Bertrand, Stéphane Guizard Journal of Laser Micro/Nanoengineering 2012, 7, 217-225
  • " Gold Nanoparticles Reshaped by Ultrafast Laser Irradiation Inside a Silica-Based Glass, Studied Through Optical Properties " Fan Chaxing, Poumellec Bertrand, Huidan Zeng, Rudy Desmarchelier, Bernard Bourguignon, Guorong Chen, Lancry Matthieu The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2012, 116, 2647-2655
  • " Fictive temperature in silica-based glasses and its application to optical fiber manufacturing " Lancry Matthieu, Elise Régnier, Poumellec Bertrand Progress in Materials Science 2012, 57, 63-97
  • " Generalized pole figures and stored energy distribution function obtained by X-ray diffraction " F. Cruz-Gandarilla, A. M. Salcedo-Garrido, Baudin Thierry, H. Mendoza-León, R. Penelle Materials Science Forum 2012, 702-703, 519-522
  • " Microstructure and texture evolution in a cold rolled Ni-Cr-W alloy after annealing " Wang Wei, Drouelle Isabelle, Brisset François, M.H. Mathon, T. Auger, Baudin Thierry Materials Science Forum 2012, 702-703, 352-355
  • " INCONEL 718 recrystallization in the delta supersolvus domain " J. de Jaeger, Solas Denis, Baudin Thierry, O. Fandeur, J-H. Schmitt, C. Rey Advanced Materials Research 2012, 409, 751-756
  • " Microstructure and texture evolutions in AA1200 aluminum alloy deformed by accumulative roll bonding method " J. Bogucka, H. Paul, M. Bieda, Baudin Thierry Solid State Phenomena 2012, 186, 112-115
  • " Recrystallization in ultra-fine grain structures of AA3104 alloy processed by ECAP and HPT " H. Paul, Baudin Thierry, K. Kudłacz, A. Morawiec Materials Science Forum 2012, 715-716, 346-353
  • " Dynamic recrystallization in similar 5182 Al/Al and dissimilar Al/Fe friction stir spot welds " A.L. Etter, S. Bozzi , Baudin Thierry Materials Science Forum 2012, 715-716, 152-157
  • " Analysis of laser shock waves and resulting surface deformations in an Al-Cu-Li aluminium alloy " P. Peyre, L. Berthe, V. Vignal, I. Popa, Baudin Thierry J. Phys. D : Appl. Phys. 2012, 45, 335304
  • " Characterization of commercial aluminum processed by equal channel angular pressing " A. Korchef , Baudin Thierry Metalurgia International 2012, XVII, 46-53
  • " Early stages of recrystallization in Equal-Channel Angular Pressing (ECAP)-deformed AA3104 alloy investigated using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) orientation mappings " H. Paul, A. Morawiec, Baudin Thierry Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 2012, 43, 4777-4793
  • " Elaboration and structural characterization of glasses inside the ternary SrO-TiO2-P2O5 system " H. Sinouh, L. Bih, M. Azrour, A. El Bouari, S. Benmokhtar, B. Manoun, B. Belhorma, Baudin Thierry, Berthet Patrick, Haumont Raphaël, Solas Denis Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 2012, 73, 961-968
  • " Growth and transport properties of HT–LixCoO2 thin films deposited by pulsed laser deposition " Svoukis E., Athanasopoulos G.I., Moradpour A., Schneegans O., Revcolevschi Alexandre, Giapintzakis J. Applied Surface Science 2012, 258, 9366
  • " Evolution of Strength and Homogeneity in a Magnesium AZ31 Alloy Processed by High-Pressure Torsion at Different Temperatures " Yi Huang, Roberto B. Figueiredo, Baudin Thierry, Brisset François, Terence G. Langdon Advanced Engineering Materials 2012, 14, 1018-1026 [PDF]
  • " Dimensional crossover of spin chains in a transverse staggered field: An NMR study " Casola F., Shiroka T., Glazkov V., Feiguin A., Dhalenne G., Revcolevschi Alexandre, Zheludev A., Ott H., Mesot J. Phys. Rev. B 2012, 86, 165111
  • " Structural and thermal characterization of La5Ca9Cu24O41 thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition on (110) SrTiO3 substrates " Svoukis E., Athanasopoulos G. I., Altantzis Th., Lioutas C., Martin R.S., Revcolevschi Alexandre, Giapintzakis J. Thin Solid Films 2012, 520, 14, 4613-4616
  • " Phonon anomalies and structural transition in spin ice Dy2Ti2O7: a simultaneous pressure-dependent and temperature-dependent Raman study " Saha S., Ghalsasi P., Muthu D.V.S., Singh S., Suryanarayanan R., Revcolevschi Alexandre, Sood A. K. J. of Raman Spectroscopy 2012, 43, 8, 1157-1165
  • " Pressure effect and Mn doping in NaxCoO2 " Popescu C., Popescu Catalin, Pinsard-Gaudart Loreynne, Dragoe Nita Journal of Applied Physics 2012, 112, 053503
  • " Raman study of the spinel-to-layered phase transformation in sol-gel LiCoO2 cathode powders as a function of the post-annealing temperature. " Porthault H., Baddour-Hadjean R., Le Cras F., Bourbon C., Franger Sylvain Vibrational Spectroscopy 2012, 62, 152-158
  • " Nucleation of Recrystallization in Fine Grained AA3104 Alloy Analyzed by SEM and TEM Orientation Mappings " Paul H., Morawiec A., Brisset François, Baudin Thierry Mater. Sci. Forum 2012, 702-703, 324-327
  • " Crystallographic aspects of deformation and recrystallization in  ECAP-processed AA3104 aluminium alloy
    " Paul H., Baudin Thierry, Tarasek A., Brisset François Solid State Phenomena 2012, 186, 98-103
  • " Effect of aging on microstructural development in an Al–Mg–Si alloy processed by high-pressure torsion " Loucif A., Figueiredo R.B., Kawasaki M., Baudin Thierry, Brisset François, Chemam R., Langdon T.G. J. Mater. Sci. 2012, 47, 7815–7820
  • " An investigation of microtexture evolution in an AlMgSi alloy processed by high-pressure torsion " Loucif A., Baudin Thierry, Brisset François, Figueiredo R.B., Chemam R. Mater. Sci. Forum 2012, 702-703, 165-168
  • " Formation and Development of strong Cube Recrystallization Texture in an Aluminium of commercial purity " Helbert Anne-Laure, Wang Wei, Baudin Thierry, Brisset François, Penelle Richard Materials Science Forum 2012, 702-703, 391-397
  • " Texture evolution of Armco iron during Accumulative Roll Bonding process " Bonnot Erell, Brisset François, Helbert Anne-Laure, Baudin Thierry Materials Science Forum 2012, 702-703, 177-181
  • " Microstructure evolution during the Accumulative Roll Bonding process in Armco iron " Bonnot Erell, Brisset François, Helbert Anne-Laure, Baudin Thierry Materials Science Forum 2012, 706-709, 1757-1762
  • " Effect of temperature on the processing of a magnesium alloy by high-pressure torsion " Huang Y., Figueiredo R.B., Baudin Thierry, Helbert Anne-Laure, Brisset François, Langdon T.G. J. Mater. Sci. 2012, 47, 7796–7806
  • " Reinforcement of the Cube texture during recrystallization of a 1050 aluminum alloy partially recrystallized and 10% cold-rolled " Wang Wei, Helbert Anne-Laure, Brisset François, Baudin Thierry, Penelle Richard Materials Characterization 2012, 64, 1-7
  • " Ultrafine grains and the Hall-Petch relationship in an Al-Mg-Si alloy processed by high-pressure torsion " Loucif A., Figueiredo R.B., Baudin Thierry, Brisset François, Chemam R., Langdon T.G. Materials Science & Engineering A 2012, 532, 139-145
  • " In-Situ EBSD Investigation of Recrystallization in Cold-Rolled Aluminum Alloy of Commercial Purity " Helbert Anne-Laure, Wang Wei, Brisset François, Baudin Thierry, Penelle Richard Advanced Engineering Materials 2012, 14, 39-44
  • " Implementing molecular catalysts for hydrogen production in proton exchange membrane water electrolysers " Dinh Nguyen Minh-Thu, Ranjbari Alireza, Catala Laure, Brisset François, Millet Pierre, Aukauloo Ally Coordination Chemistry Reviews 2012, 256, 2435-2444
  • " Magnetic order in hybrid frustrated magnets Gd2-xTbxTi2O7 (x = 0.2 and 0.5) " Orendac M., Vrabel P., Orendacova A., Prokleska J., Sechovsky V., Singh S., Suryanarayanan R., Revcolevschi Alexandre J. Phys. Cond. Matter 2012, 24, 186003
  • " Spin-orbital separation in the quasi-one-dimensional Mott insulator Sr2CuO3 " Schlappa J., Wohlfeld K., Zhou K., Mourigal M., Haverkort M.W., Strocov V. N., Hozoi L., Monney C., Nishimoto S., Singh S., Revcolevschi Alexandre, Caux J.S., Patthey L., Ronnow H.M., van der Brink J., Schmitt T. Nature 2012, 485, 82
  • " Tuning of phonon anharmonicity in pyrochlore titanates: temperature-dependent Raman studies of Sm2Ti2-xZrxO7 (x = 0, 1/2, 3/4, and 2)  and stuffed spin-ice Ho2+xTi2-xO7-x/2 (x = 0, 1/3, and 2/3) " Saha S., Prusty S., Singh S., Suryanarayanan S., Revcolevschi Alexandre, Sood A. K. J. of Raman Spectroscopy 2012, 43, 549-555
  • " Spinon heat transport and spin-phonon interaction in the antiferromagnetic spin-1/2 Heisenberg chain cuprates Sr2CuO3 and SrCuO2 " Hlubek N., Zotos X., Singh S., Saint-Martin Romuald, Revcolevschi Alexandre, Büchner B., Hess C. J. Stat. Mech. 2012, P03006
  • " Pressure-induced colossal piezoresistance effect and the collapse of the polaronic state in the bilayer manganite (La0.4Pr0.6)1.2Sr1.8Mn2O7 " Thiyagarajan R., Manivannan N., Arumugam S., Esakki Muthu S., Tamilselvan N.R., Sekar C., Yoshino H., Murata K., Apostu M.O., Suryanarayanan R., Revcolevschi Alexandre J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 2012, 24, 136002
  • " Optical probing of anisotropic heat transport in the quantum spin ladder Ca9La5Cu24O41 " Otter M., Athanasopoulos G., Hlubek N., Montagnese M., Labois M., Fishman D.A., de Haan F., Singh S., Lakehal D., Giapintzakis J., Hess C., Revcolevschi Alexandre, van Loosdrecht P.H.M. Int. J. of Heat and Mass Transfer 2012, 55, 2531-2538
  • " Electronic Confinement and Ordering Instabilities in Colossal Magnetoresistive Bilayer Manganites " Trinckauf J., Hanke T., Zabolotnyy V., Ritschel T., Apostu M.O., Suryanarayanan R., Revcolevschi Alexandre, Koepernick K., Kim T. K., Zimmermann M.V., Borisenko S.V., Knupfer M., Buchner B., Geck J. Phys. Rev. Lett. 2012, 108, 016403
  • " The study of pressure-induced structural phase transition in spin-frustrated Yb2Ti2O7pyrochlore " Mishra A.K., Poswal H.K., Sharma S.M., Saha S., Muthu D. V. S., Singh S., Suryanarayanan R., Revcolevschi Alexandre, Sood A. K. J. of Applied Phys. 2012, 111, 033509

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