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Catalyse Moléculaire

Chimie Inorganique

  • " Unidirectional Photoisomerization of Styrylpyridine for Switching the Magnetic Behavior of an Iron(II) Complex: A MLCT Pathway in Crystalline Solids " Tissot Antoine, Boillot Marie-Laure, Pillet Sébastien, Codjovi Epiphane, Boukheddaden Kamel, Lawson Daku, Latévi Max The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2010, 114, 21715-21722
  • " Temperature effect on the optical spectra of Iron(III) metal complexes exhibiting spin crossover and potential nonlinear optical properties " Lamère J.-F., Peyrou V., Sasaki I., Lacroix P.G., Vendier L., Boillot Marie-Laure J. Comp. Methods in Sci. and Eng. 2010, 10, 447-463
  • " Control of stoichiometry, size and morphology of inorganic polymers by template assisted coordination chemistry " Durand P, Fornasieri Giulia, Baumier C, Beaunier P, Durand D, Rivière Eric, Bleuzen Anne J. Mater. Chem. 2010, 20, 9348-9354
  • " Fully controlled precipitation of photomagnetic CoFe Prussian blue analogue nanoparticles within the ordered mesoporosity of silica monolith " Fornasieri Giulia, Aouadi Merwen, Durand P, Beaunier P, Rivière Eric, Bleuzen Anne Chem. Commun. 2010, 46, 8061-8063
  • " p-(Benzyloxy)calix 8 arene Synthesis Revisited: p-(Benzyloxy)calix 4 -, p-(Benzyloxy)calix 5 -, p-(Benzyloxy)calix 7 -, and p-(Benzyloxy)bis(homooxa)calix 4 arenes " Huc Vincent, Npetgat E, Guérineau V, Bourcier S, Dos Santos Amandine, Guillot Régis, Baltaze Jean-Pierre, Martini Cyril Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2010, 6186-6192
  • " Reinvestigation of the M(II) (M = Ni, Co)/TetraThiafulvaleneTetraCarboxylate System Using High-Throughput Methods: Isolation of a Molecular Complex and Its Single-Crystal-to-Single-Crystal Transformation to a Two-Dimensional Coordination Polymer" Nguyen T L A, Devic T, Mialane P, Rivière Eric, Sonnauer A, Stock N, Demir-Cakan R, Mocrette M, Livage C, Marrot J, Tarascon J M, Férey G Inorg. Chem. 2010, 49, 10710-10717
  • " Europium(II) compounds: simple synthesis of a molecular complex in water and coordination polymers with 2,2′-bipyrimidine-mediated ferromagnetic interactions " Zucchi G., Thuéry P., Rivière Eric, Ephritikhine M. Chem. Commun. 2010, 46, 9143-9145
  • " Tailor-made Nanometer-scale Patterns of Photo-switchable Prussian Blue Analogues " S. Lepoutre, D. Grosso, C. Sanchez, Fornasieri Giulia, Rivière Eric, Bleuzen Anne Adv. Mater. 2010, 22, 3992-3996
  • " Intramolecular light induced activation of a Salen-MnIII complex by a ruthenium photosensitizer. " C. Herrero, J. L. Hugues, A. Quaranta, N. Cox, A. W. Rutherford, W. Leibl, Aukauloo Ally Chem. Commun. 2010, 46, 7605-7607
  • " Dual Photochromic/Electrochromic Compounds Based On Cationic Spiropyrans and Polyoxometalates " P. Mialane, G. J. Zhang, I. M. Mbomekalle, Yu Pei, J. D. Compain, A. Dolbecq, J. Marrot, F. Secheresse, B. Keita, L. Nadjo Chem-Eur. J. 2010, 16 (19), 5572-5576
  • " Photomagnetic CoFe Prussian Blue Analogues: Role of the Cyanide Ions as Active Electron Transfer Bridges Modulated by Cyanide-Alkali Metal Ion Interactions " J.D. Cafun, G. Champion, M. A. Arrio, C. C. D. Moulin, Bleuzen Anne J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2010, 132 (33), 11552-11559
  • " Magneto-optical interactions in single-molecule magnets: Low-temperature photon-induced demagnetization " B. Donnio, Rivière Eric, E.Terazzi, E. Voirin, C. Aronica, G. Chastanet, D. Luneau, G. Rogez, F. Scheurer, L. Joly, J. P. Kappler, J. L. Gallani Solid State Sci. 2010, 12 (8), 1307-1313
  • " Magneto-optical control of a Mn12 nano-magnet " Rivière Eric, B. Donnio, E. Voirin, G. Rogez, J. P. Kappler, J. L. Gallani J. Mater. Chem. 2010, 20 (34), 7165-7168
  • " Highly symmetric organic ligand-capped Lindqvist structures derived from 3d-elements " G. A. Seisenbaeva, Mallah Talal, V. G. Kessler Dalton Trans. 2010, 39 (33), 7774-7779
  • " Thermo- and photoswitchable spin-crossover nanoparticles of an iron(II) complex trapped in transparent silica thin films " Tissot Antoine, J. F. Bardeau, Rivière Eric, Brisset François, Boillot Marie-Laure Dalton Trans. 2010, 39 (33), 7806-7812
  • " Sugars to control ligand shape in metal complexes: conformationally constrained glycoligands with a predetermination of stereochemistry and a structural control. " Garcia Ludivine, Maisonneuve Stéphane, Xie Juan, Guillot Régis, Dorlet Pierre, Rivière Eric, Desmadril Michel, Lambert François, Policar Clotilde Inorg. Chem. 2010, 49, 7282-7288 [PDF]
  • " Activation of a water molecule using a mononuclear Mn complex: from Mn-aquo, to Mn-hydroxo, to Mn-oxyl via charge compensation " B. Lassalle-Kaiser, C. Hureau, D. A. Pantazis, Y. Pushkar, Guillot Régis, V. K. Yachandra, J. Yano, F. Neese, Anxolabéhère-Mallart Elodie Energy Environ. Sci. 2010, 3 (7), 924-938
  • " Molecular Spintronics in Mixed-Valence Magnetic Dimers: The Double-Exchange Blockade Mechanism " A. Soncini, Mallah Talal, L. F. Chibotaru J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2010, 132 (23), 8106-8114
  • " Growth and density control of nanometric nickel-iron cyanide-bridged objects on functionalized Si(100) surface " S. Tricard, B. Fleury, F. Volatron, C. Costa-Coquelard, Mazerat Sandra, Huc Vincent, C. David, Brisset François, F. Miserque, P. Jegou, S. Palacin, Mallah Talal Chem Commun. 2010, 46 (24), 4327-4329
  • " Ab initio static and molecular dynamics study of the absorption spectra of the 4-styrylpyridine photoswitch in its cis and trans forms " L.M. Lawson Daku, J. Linares, Boillot Marie-Laure Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2010, 12 (23), 6107-6123
  • " C-3v (Trimethyl) p-(Benzyloxy)calix[6]arene: A Versatile Platform for the Synthesis of Functionalized C-3v Calix[6]arenes " Huc Vincent, V. Guerineau Eur. J. Org Chem. 2010, (11), 2199-2205
  • " Structural, Magnetic, EPR, and Electrochemical Characterizations of a Spin-Frustrated Trinuclear CrIII Polyoxometalate and Study of Its Reactivity with Lanthanum Cations " J.D. Compain, P. Mialane, A. Dolbecq, I.M. Mbomekalle, J. Marrot, F. Secheresse, C. Duboc, Rivière Eric Inorg. Chem. 2010, 49 (6), 2851-2858
  • " Activation of dioxygen by a mononuclear non-heme iron complex: characterization of a FeIII(OOH) intermediate " M. Martinho, G. Blain, Banse Frédéric Dalton Trans. 2010, 39 (6), 1630-1634
  • " Assembly of a magnetic polyoxometalate on SWNTs. " G. Charron, Giusti Anna, Mazerat Sandra, P. Mialane, A. Gloter, F. Miserque, B. Keita, L. Nadjo, A. Filoramo, Rivière Eric, W. Wernsdorfer, Huc Vincent, J.-P. Bourgouin, Mallah Talal Nanoscale 2010, 2, 139-144

Chimie Bioorganique et Bioinorganique

  • " A synthon for the convenient and efficient introduction of tetrazolylmethyl groups into nucleophile-bearing compounds " Touti Faycal, Avenier Frédéric, Lefebvre Quentin, Maurin Philippe, Hasserodt Jens Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2010, 1928-1933 [PDF]
  • " Chemo-sensitization using cancer targeted Spermidine-CoA based compound " Bandyopadhyay Keya, Banères Jean-Louis, Martin Aimée, Blonski Casimir, Parello Joseph, Gjerset Ruth A Eur. J. Cancer Supplements 2010, 8, 164 [PDF]
  • " Effect of essential oil of Chromoleana odorata (Asteraceae) from Ivory Coast, on cyclooxygenase function of prostagladin-H synthase activity. " Bedi G., Tonzibo Z. F., Oussou K. R., Choppard C., Mahy Jean-Pierre, N'Guessan T. Y. Afr. J. Pharm. Pharmacol. 2010, 4, 535-538 [PDF]
  • " Investigation of SPR and electrochemical detection of antigen with polypyrrole functionalized by biotinylated single-chain antibody: A review. " Le Hu Quynh Anh, Dorizon Hélène, Korri-Youssoufi Hafsa Anal. Chim. Acta 2010, 674, 1-8 [PDF]
  • " Bismuth(III) Triflate: A Safe and Easily Handled Precursor for Triflic Acid: Application to the Esterification Reaction. " Kwie Franciane Ho A., Baudoin-Dehoux Cécile, Blonski Casimir, Lherbet Christian Synth. Comm. 2010, 40, 1082-1087 [PDF]
  • " Antitrypanosomal alkaloids from Polyalthia suaveolens (Annonaceae): their effects on three selected glycolytic enzymes of Trypanosoma brucei. " Ngantchou Igor, Nyasse Barthélemy, Denier Colette, Blonski Casimir, Hannaert Véronique, Schneider Bernd Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 2010, 20, 3495-3498 [PDF]
  • " Rational design, synthesis and evaluation of new selective inhibitors of microbial class II (zinc dependent) fructose bis-phosphate aldolases. " Daher Racha, Coinçon Mathieu, Fonvielle Matthieu, Gest Petra M., Guerin Marcelo E., Jackson Mary, Sygusch Jurgen, Therisod Michel J. Med. Chem. 2010, 53, 7836-7842 [PDF]
  • " Electrochemical detection of D-dimer as deep vein thrombosis marker using single-chain D-dimer antibody immobilized on functionalized polypyrrole. " Chebil Syrine, Hafaiedh Imen, Dorizon Hélène, Jaffrezic-Renault Nicole, Errachid Abdelhamid, Ali Zulfiqur, Korri-Youssoufi Hafsa Biosens. Bioelectron. 2010, 26, 736-742 [PDF]
  • " Sugars to control ligand shape in metal complexes: conformationally constrained glycoligands with a predetermination of stereochemistry and a structural control. " Garcia Ludivine, Maisonneuve Stéphane, Xie Juan, Guillot Régis, Dorlet Pierre, Rivière Eric, Desmadril Michel, Lambert François, Policar Clotilde Inorg. Chem. 2010, 49, 7282-7288 [PDF]
  • " Synthesis characterization and catalytic activity of some new manganese(II) compounds with tetra-chloro R-bis(salicylaldehyde) ethylenediamine and R-bis(salicylaldehyde) phenylenediamine ligands (R = H, CH3, CH2-CH3). " Pui Aurel, Cornei Nicoleta, Ricoux Rémy, Mahy Jean-Pierre Rev. Chim. (Bucharest) 2010, 61, 575-579 [PDF]
  • " Crystallographic binding studies with an engineered monomeric variant of triosephosphate isomerase. " Salin Mikko, Kapetaniou Evangelia G. , Vaismaa Matti, Lajunen Marja, Casteleijn Marco G., Neubauer Peter, Salmon Laurent, Wierenga Rik K. Acta Crystallogr., Sect. D: Biol. Crystallogr. 2010, 66, 934-944 [PDF]
  • " Effect of the size of electrode on electrochemical properties of ferrocene-functionalized polypyrrole towards DNA sensing. " Le Hu Quynh Anh, Chebil Syrine, Makrouf Bouchra, Dorizon Hélène, Mandrand Bernard, Korri-Youssoufi Hafsa Talanta 2010, 81, 1250-1257 [PDF]
  • " Oxidation of organic molecules in homogeneous aqueous solution catalyzed by hybrid biocatalysts (based on the Trojan Horse strategy). " Sansiaume Elodie, Ricoux Rémy, Gori Didier, Mahy Jean-Pierre Tetrahedron: Asym 2010, 21, 1593-1600 [PDF]
  • " Effect of electrical conditions on an impedimetric immunosensor based on a modified conducting polypyrrole. " Hafaid Imem, Chebil Syrine, Korri-Youssoufi Hafsa, Bessueille François, Errachid Abdelhamid, Sassi Zina, Ali Zulfiqur, Abdelghani Adnane, Jaffrezic-Renault Nicole Sensor. Actuat. B-Chem. 2010, 144, 323-331 [PDF]
  • " Highly selective inhibitors of class II microbial fructose bis-phosphate aldolases. " Daher Racha, Therisod Michel ACS Med. Chem. Lett. 2010, 1, 101-104 [PDF]
  • " Coordination chemistry studies and peroxidase activity of a new artificial metalloenzyme built by the “Trojan horse” strategy. " Raffy Quentin, Ricoux Rémy, Sansiaume Elodie, Pethe Stéphanie, Mahy Jean-Pierre J. Mol. Catal. A: Chem. 2010, 317, 19-26 [PDF]

Synthèse de Biomolécules

Chimie Organique Multifonctionnelle

  • " Ytterbium Trifluoromethansulfonate" Tran Anh Tuan, Bonnaffé David Synlett 2010, 1880-1881 [PDF]
  • " Hijacking of the Pleiotropic Cytokine Interferon-gamma by the Type III Secretion System of Yersinia pestis " Gendrin Claire, Sarrazin Stéphane, Bonnaffé David, Jault Jean-Michel, Lortat-Jacob Hugues, Dessen Andréa PLoS one 2010, 5, e15242 [PDF]
  • " Desorption Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry of Glycosaminoglycans and Their Protein Noncovalent Complex" Przybylski Cédric, Gonnet Florence, Hersant Yaël, Bonnaffé David, Lortat-Jacob Hugues, Daniel Régis Analytical Chemistry 2010, 82, 9225-9233 [PDF]
  • " Copper-Free Click Chemistry for Highly Luminescent Quantum Dot Conjugates: Application to in Vivo Metabolic Imaging " Bernardin Aude, Cazet Aurélie, Guyon Laurent, Delannoy Philippe, Vinet Françoise, Bonnaffé David, Texier Isabelle Bioconjugate Chemistry 2010, 21, 583-588 [PDF]
  • " Towards a modular synthesis of well-defined chitooligosaccharides: synthesis of the four chitodisaccharides " Barroca-Aubry Nadine, Pernet-Poil-Chevrier Astrid, Domard Alain, Trombotto Stéphane Carbohydrate Research 2010, 345, 1685-1697 [PDF]
  • " Surface characterizations of poly(ethylene terephthalate) film modified by a carbohydrate-bearing photoreactive azide group " Roger Philippe, Laëtitia Renaudie, Le Narvor Christine, Lepoittevin Bénédicte, Loïc Bech, Maurice Brogly European Polymer Journal 2010, 46, 1594–1603
  • " HABA-based ionic liquid matrices for UV-MALDI-MS analysis of heparin and heparan sulfate oligosaccharide " Cedric Przybylski, Florence Gonnet, Bonnaffé David, Hersant Yaël, Hugues Lortat-Jacob, Regis Daniel Glycobiology 2010, 20, 224-234

Laboratoire de Synthèse Organique et Méthodologie

  • " Click Chelators. The behaviour of platinum and palladium complexes in the presence of guanosine and DNA " Chevry Aurélien, Teyssot Marie-Laure, Maisonial Aurélie, Lemoine Pascale, Viossat Bernard, Traïkia Mounir, Aitken David J., Alves Georges, Morel Laurent, Nauton Lionel, Gautier Arnaud Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2010, 3513-3519 [PDF]
  • " Polymer-Supported α-Aminonitriles: Alkylation Reactions and Carbonyl Compound Cleavage " Virginie Beaufort-Droal, Elisabeth Pereira, Fabrice Vergne, Aitken David J. Synlett 2010, 2913-2917 [PDF]
  • " Oxidation of organic molecules in homogeneous aqueous solution catalyzed by hybrid biocatalysts (based on the Trojan Horse strategy) " Sansiaume Elodie, Ricoux Rémy, Gori Didier, Mahy Jean-Pierre Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 2010, 21, 1593-1600 [PDF]
  • " An expedient asymmetric synthesis of N-protected (S,S)-2-aminomethyl-1-cyclopropanecarboxylic acid " Aitken David J., Bull Steven, Davies Iwan, Drouin Ludovic, Ollivier Jean, Peed Jennifer Synlett 2010, 2729-2732 [PDF]
  • "Chemistry of 4-Hydroxy-2-cyclopentenone Derivatives " Roche Stéphane, Aitken David J. Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2010, 5339–5358 [PDF]
  • " 12-Helix Folding of Cyclobutane β-Amino Acid Oligomers " Fernandes Carlos, Faure Sophie, Pereira Elisabeth, Théry Vincent, Declerck Valérie, Guillot Régis, Aitken David J. Org. Lett. 2010, 12, 3606-3609 [PDF]
  • "endo-6-(Hydroxymethyl)bicyclo[3.1.0]hept-3-en-2-one esters and the photochemical challenge: [2+2] cycloaddition versus skeletal rearrangement " Le Liepvre Matthieu, Ollivier Jean, Aitken David J. Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 2010, 21, 1480-1485 [PDF]
  • " Preparation of imino lactones by electrophilic cyclization of β,γ-unsaturated hydroxamates. Formation of 3-cyano-2-propen-1-ones by a fragmentation reaction " Trabulsi Houssam, Guillot Régis, Rousseau Gérard Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2010, 5884–5896 [PDF]
  • "Titanium-Mediated Cyclopropanation on Diesters: Mechanistic Study on the Dramatic Effects of Selected Parameters " Jida Mouhamad, Gaucher Xavier, Ollivier Jean Synlett 2010, 1627-1630 [PDF]
  • "Synthesis of new β- and γ-aminopyrrolidinephosphonates via 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of substituted vinylphosphonates" Rabasso Nicolas, Fadel Antoine Tetrahedron Lett. 2010, 51, 60-63 [PDF]

Laboratoire de Chimie des Procédés et des Substances Naturelles

  • " Complete Determination of Site Specific Bio-enantiomeric Excesses in Linoleic Acid using Natural Abundance Deuterium 2D NMR in Polypeptide " Serhan Zeïnab, Martel Laura, Billault Isabelle, Lesot Philippe Chem. Comm. 2010, 46, 6599-6601
  • " New chiral amino acid-derived α-acyloxynitroso reagents for asymmetric nitroso Diels–Alder reactions " Li Hailing, Gori Didier, Kouklovsky Cyrille, Vincent Guillaume Tetrahedron: Asym. 2010, 21, 1507-15010 [PDF]
  • " Synthetic Approaches to Racemic Porantheridine and 8-Epihalosaline via a Nitroso Diels-Alder Cycloaddition/ Ring Rearrangement Metathesis Sequence " Sancibrao Pierre, Karila Delphine, Kouklovsky Cyrille, Vincent Guillaume J. Org. Chem. 2010, 75, 4333-4336 [PDF]
  • " Oxidation of organic molecules in homogeneous aqueous solution catalyzed by hybrid biocatalysts (based on the Trojan Horse strategy). " Sansiaume Elodie, Ricoux Rémy, Gori Didier, Mahy Jean-Pierre Tetrahedron: Asym 2010, 21, 1593-1600 [PDF]
  • " Alpha-acyloxynitroso Dienophiles in [4+2] Hetero Diels-Alder Cycloadditions: Mechanistic Insights " Calvet Géraldine, Coote Susannah C., Blanchard Nicolas, Kouklovsky Cyrille Tetrahedron 2010, 66, 2969-2980 [PDF]
  • " Knoevenagel reaction of unprotected sugars " Scherrmann Marie-Christine In Topics in Current Chemistry, Carbohydrates in sustainable development, Ed. A. Pilar Rauter, Y. Queneau, P. Vogel. Springer 2010, 1-18
  • " Functionalization of carbohydrates in water " Scherrmann Marie-Christine, André Lubineau, Yves Queneau In Handbook of green Chemistry, Green Solvents, Ed. P. T. Anastas, W. Leitner, P. G. Jessop, C.-J. Li, P. Wasserscheid, A. Stark, WILEY-VCH, Weinheim, 2010, 291-330

RMN en Milieu Orienté

  • " Towards High Temperature PEMFC Membranes Based on PCILs hosted by functional polymers. " Sanchez Jean-Yves , Iojoiu Cristina , Leprêtre Jean-Claude , Martinez Mathieu , Hanna Maha , Cointeaux Laure , Molmeret Yannick , El Kissi Nadia , Judeinstein Patrick, Langevin Dominique , Mercier Régis Prepr. Pap.-Am. Chem. Soc., Div. Fuel Chem. 2010, 55, 117-119
  • " Dosages acido-basiques à pH stationnaire : une manière simple et inédite de déterminer la concentration des acides et des bases ainsi que leurs pKa. " Martial Sabine, Lefebvre Olivier, Bayle Jean-Pierre Bull. Union Phys. 2010, 104, 49-65
  • "
    L’amplification iodométrique ou comment doser de faibles quantités de réducteur.
    " Canlet C., Bayle Jean-Pierre Bull. Union Phys. 2010, 104, 1091
  • "
    Effect of the chain length on the thermal and analytical properties of laterally biforked nematogens.
    " BELAÏDI D. , SEBIH S. , BOUDAH S. , GUERMOUCHE M.H., Bayle Jean-Pierre J. of Chromatography A. 2010, 1217, 6562
  • "
    An LC and GC study of new phenyldiazene liquid crystal.
    " BOUBAKEUR S. , GUERMOUCHE M.H. , Bayle Jean-Pierre Chromatographia 2010, 72, 343
  • " Dynamical behavior of a single polymer chain under nanometric confinement " Lagrené Karine, Zanotti Jean-Marc, Daoud Mohamed, Farago Bela , Judeinstein Patrick Eur. Phys. J. Special Topics 2010, 189, 231-237
  • " Ionic Liquids and Their Hosting by Polymers for HT-PEMFC Membranes " Iojoiu Cristina, Hana M., Molmeret Yannick, Martinez Mathieu , Cointeaux Laure, El Kissi Nadia, Leprêtre Jean-Claude, Judeinstein Patrick, Sanchez Jean-Yves Fuel Cells 2010, 10, 778-789
  • " Dynamic Kinetic Resolution of a-chloro b-keto Esters and Phosphonates: Hemisynthesis of Taxotere® through Ru-DIFLUORPHOS Asymmetric Hydrogenation " Gauthier S., Prevost S., Cano De Andrade M.C., Touati R., Lavergne D., Mordant C., Lesot Philippe, Savignac P., Ayad T., Phansavath P., Ratovelomanana-Vidal V. , Genet J.P. Tetrahedron : Asymmetry 2010, 21, 1436-1446
  • "Cationic Planar Chiral (h6-Arene)Mn(CO)3+ Complexes : Resolution, NMR Study in Chiral Oriented Solvents and Applications to the Enantioselective Syntheses of 4-Substituted Cyclohexenones and of (h6-Phosphinoarene)Mn(CO)3+ Complexes " Eloi A., Rose-Munch F., Rose E., Pille A., Lesot Philippe, Herson P. Organometallics 2010, 29, 3876-3886
  • " Complete Determination of Site Specific Bio-enantiomeric Excesses in Linoleic Acid using Natural Abundance Deuterium 2D NMR in Polypeptide " Serhan Zeïnab, Martel Laura, Billault Isabelle, Lesot Philippe Chem. Comm. 2010, 46, 6599-6601
  • " Synthesis of 2-Trifluoromethyl-1,3-oxazolidines (Fox) as Hydrolytically Stable Pseudoprolines " Chaume G., Barbeau O., Lesot Philippe, Brigaud T. J. Org. Chem. 2010, 75, 4135-4145
  • " Regio-defined Amino-[5]oxa- and Thiahelicenes: a Dramatic Impact of the Nature of the Heteroatom on the Helical Shape and Racemization Barriers " Pieters G., Gaucher A., Marque S., Maurel F., Lesot Philippe, Prim D. J. Org. Chem. 2010, 75, 2096-2098
  • " Enantiodivergence in alkylation of 1-(6-methoxynaphth-2-yl)ethyl acetate by potassium dimethyl malonate catalyzed by chiral palladium-DUPHOS complex " Assié Martine, Meddour Abdelkrim, Fiaud Jean-Claude, Legros Jean-Yves Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 2010, 21, 1701–1708
  • " The conformation and orientational order of a 1,2-disubstituted ethane nematogenic molecule (I22) in liquid crystalline and isotropic phases studied by NMR spectroscopy " Emsley James W., Lesot Philippe, Lesage Anne, De Luca Giuseppina, Merlet Denis, Pileio Giuseppe Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2010, 12, 2895-2914
  • " Evolution of the Saupe order parameters of enantiomers from a racemic to a non-racemic liquid crystal solvent: an original light on the absolute configuration determination problem " Courtieu Jacques, Aroulanda Christie, Lesot Philippe, Meddour Abdelkrim, Merlet Denis Liquid Crystals 2010, 37, 903-912
  • " Large-scale dynamics of a single polymer chain under severe confinement " Lagrené Karine, Zanotti Jean-Marc, Daoud Mohamed, Farago Bela , Judeinstein Patrick Physical Review E 2010, 81, 060801
  • " Proton-conducting ionic liquid-based Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell membranes : The key role of ionomer–ionic liquid interaction
      " Martineza Mathieu , Molmeretb Yannick, Cointeauxa Laure, Iojoiu Cristina, Leprêtre Jean-Claude, El Kissi Nadia, Judeinstein Patrick, Sancheza Jean-Yves Journal of Power Sources 2010, 195, 5829–5839
  • " Probing ion coordination in polymer electrolytes with multinuclear NMR correlation spectroscopy " Baltaze Jean-Pierre, Judeinstein Patrick Solid State Ionics 2010, 181, 672–677
  • " Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Using a Spatial Frequency Encoding: Application to J-Edited Spectroscopy along the Sample " Giraud Nicolas, Beguin Laetitia, Courtieu Jacques, Merlet Denis Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2010, 49, 3481 –3484
  • " Structure-Properties Relationships of Lithium Electrolytes Based on Ionic Liquid " Phung Le My Loan, Alloin Fannie, Strobel Pierre, Leprêtre Jean-Claude, Pérez del Valle Carlos, Judeinstein Patrick J. Phys. Chem. B 2010, 114, 894–903
  • " A PGSE-NMR Study of Molecular Self-Diffusion in Lamellar Phases Doped with Polyoxometalates " Poulos Andreas S., Constantin Doru, Davidson Patrick, Impéror Marianne, Judeinstein Patrick, Pansu Brigitte J. Phys. Chem. B 2010, 114, 220–227
  • " Thermo-Reversible Sol-Gel Transition of Surface Modified Titanium Poly Oxo Building Blocks " Kaminski Renata C. K., Pulcinelli Sandra H., Judeinstein Patrick, Meneau Florian, Briois Valérie, Santilli Celso V. J. Phys. Chem. C 2010, 114, 1416-1423

Physico-chimie de l'Etat Solide

  • " Nonmagnetic Fe-site doping of BiFeO3 multiferroic ceramics " J. Wei, Haumont Raphaël, R. Jarrier, Berthet Patrick, B. Dkhil Applied Physics Letters 2010, 96, 102509
  • " High-pressure investigation of CaTiO3 up to 60 GPa using x-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy " M.Guennou, P. Bouvier, B. Krikler, J.Kreisel, Haumont Raphaël, G. Garbarino Physical Review B 2010, 82, 134101
  • " Low-symmetry phases and loss of relaxation in nanosized lead scandium niobate " J.M. Kiat, C. Bogicevic, F. Karolak, G. Dezanneau, N. Guiblin, W. Ren, L. Bellaiche, Haumont Raphaël Physical Review B 2010, 81, 144122
  • " Field evolution of the magnetic structures in Er2Ti2O7 through the critical point " H. Cao, I. Mirebeau, A. Gukasov, P. Bonville, Decorse Claudia Physical Review B 2010, 82, 104431
  • "

    Raman study of the antiferromagnetic phase transitions in hexagonal YMnO3 and LuMnO3 " J. Vermette, S. Jandl, A. A. Mukhin, V. Y. Ivanov, A. Balbashov, M.M. Gospodinov, Pinsard-Gaudart Loreynne J. Phys-Condens Mat. 2010, 22, 356002

  • "

    Bi1-xSrxCuSeO oxyselenides as promising thermoelectric materials " L.D. Zhao, Berardan David, Y.L. Pei, Byl Céline, Pinsard-Gaudart Loreynne, Dragoe Nita Appl. Phys. Lett. 2010, 97, 092118

  • " Ultra-fine grain structure of AA3104 alloy analyzed by TEM and SEM orientation mappings " Paul H., Baudin Thierry, Tarasek A. Inżynieria Materiałowa 2010, Vol. 3, 531-534
  • " Effect of microstructure and texture on the mechanical properties of AA1200 aluminum alloy deformed by accumulative roll bonding " Bogucka J., Paul H., Baudin Thierry, Mathon M.H. Inżynieria Materiałowa 2010, Vol. 5, 1347-1352
  • " Design and characterization of bi-functional electrocatalytic layers for application in PEM unitized regenerative fuel cells " Grigoriev S., Millet Pierre, Middleton P.H., Saetre T.O., Fateev V.N. Int. J. Hydrogen Energy 2010, 35, 5070-5076
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