Institut de Chimie Moléculaire et des Matériaux d'Orsay

Presentation of ICMMO


Institut de Chimie Moléculaire et des Matériaux d'Orsay (ICMMO) includes 170 permanent and 110 graduate students or postdoctoral fellows as part of a structure at the heart of the Faculty of Sciences d'Orsay Université Paris-Sud . The Institute is closely linked to the CNRS as Unité Mixte de Recherche CNRS-Université. This is one of the most important structures of academic research in chemistry in France.
The Institute is composed of nine teams Scientific scientifically and financially independent and a team made up of Common Services and General Administrative Services and a technical platform. The Administrative and General Services cover all activities necessary for the management of research (Department of Personnel, Procurement, Financial Management, Communication, Health and Safety Works ...). In their team, the researchers also receive assistance for management. The technical platform provides researchers, engineers responsible for performing the most modern instruments, and a Computer Service and Workshop for Precision Mechanics. About 70 IATOS and ITA are serving the research and Common Services Laboratories.


The titles of these teams (since January 2014) are currently as follows:

• Catalyse Moléculaire (LCM)
• Chimie Inorganique (LCI)
• Chimie Bioorganique et Bioinorganique (LCBB)
• Synthèse des Molécules et Maromolécules Biactives (SM2B)
• Chimie Peptidomimétique Photochimique, Procédés Alternatifs (CP3A)
• RMN en Milieu Orienté (RMN)
• Méthodologie, Synthèse et Molécules Thérapeutiques (MSMT)
• Recherche et Innovation en Electrochimie pour l'Energie (ERIEE)
• Synthèse, Propriétés et Modélisation des Matériaux (SP2M)

Each of these teams is headed by a team leader and develops its activity according to several themes run through Leadership Theme. Research activities may also be presented transversely, according to 4 themes:
  1. Chemistry and Health
  2. Chemsitry for Energy
  3. Chemsitry for Information
  4. Chemistry for the Environment
The results of this research are published in about 250 articles per year in the best international journals. They are supported financially by the UPS, the MRES, CNRS, Essonne, Region Ile-de-France, ANR and the EEC.

The teacher-researchers and researchers at the Institute are also participating in the course and this training at all levels is to Faculty of Science of Orsay L1 to the Graduate School of Chemistry at the IUT of Orsay or the Engineering School of Paris-Sud (IFIP). The technical platform also helps to train students in Chemistry Master and PhD by giving them access to the most advanced techniques.

The ICMMO also an important transfer of knowledge to industry through collaborations with companies of varying sizes such as start-up CETH or CEA, Total STMI, BioMerieux, Bayer, Bruker, Thales .... .