Institut de Chimie Moléculaire et des Matériaux d'Orsay

Teacher-Researchers at the Institute are involved in various training offered by the Department of Chemistry, University of Paris-Sud 11 including the following courses at master level.

Master 2 Research in Organic Chemistry

Aims: This Master is designed for students wishing to specialize in Organic Chemistry in the broad sense of the discipline (including organic synthesis, organometallic chemistry, Structural Organic Chemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry, ...) and offers training to prepare them for basic research and applied. Obtaining this certificate allows further research towards a PhD thesis with possible funding allocations by the Ministry of Education and Research, grants financed by the CNRS and industry or scholarships funded by the private sector (industry or charity).

Coordinator: Prof. David Bonnaffé
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Master 2 Research in Inorganic Chemistry

Aims: The main objective of this master is to teach high-level concepts in Modern Inorganic Chemistry in relation to nanoscience and at the interface of physics and biology. It is acquiring knowledge in methods of synthesis, spectroscopic methods of characterization and observation and theoretical concepts in order to understand the electronic structure and physical and chemical properties of molecular systems and solid. Emphasis is put through several modules on the application of chemistry concepts in nanoscience.

Coordinator : Prof. Talal Mallah
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Master 2 Research in Bioorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry

Aims: Provide updated training and high level to gain the insights necessary for studying the molecular functioning of various biological systems (enzymes, receptors, membranes, RNA / DNA) and analysis of the role of metals in enzyme systems. Acquire multidisciplinary expertise necessary to conduct research at the interface between chemistry and physics and biology. The proposed program focuses on the description of various biological targets and methods of analysis (chemical, biochemical, physico-chemical) for the study of these systems.

Coordinator : Prof. Jean-Pierre Mahy
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