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MicrOTOFq (Bruker. 2009)



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Source: ESI (Electrospray) ou APCI (Chemical ionization at Atmospheric Pressure)

Analyser : tandem - Quadrupole coupled with a time of flight (Tof)

Masse range: illimited in theory

What you get: This gives the pseudo molecular ions MH+ and MNa+ (and MK +). The measurement accuracy (less than 5 ppm) and high resolution (R = 15000) provide access to raw formulas. In MS/MS mode, one can obtain structural information.


In ESI, an electric field acts on droplets (solvent + solute) going out of the capillary. The solvent is evaporated by a collision with an inert gas. The droplets are split up to lead completely toion desolvation and possibly multicharged. In APCI, the molecules are ionized from corona electrode discharge.

Options: Introduction of the sample by liquid chromatography + automatic sample exchanger (Dionex U3000) or direct injection.