Institut de Chimie Moléculaire et des Matériaux d'Orsay


File server usage


Every ICMMO member has storage space, available through a network drive from the ICMMO. It is also available through SSH, including from Internet.

User list is automatically created from the Adonis one. So logins and passwords are the same, and keep synchronized with Adonis in case of change (after a possible delay of a few hours)

Network drive access

On Windows

To connect a network drive to access your data, go to the "Start" menu, right click on "Computer" ("My computer" under Windows XP), then choose "Map Network Drive...":

connect network drive windows

Then give "\\\homes" address:

network drive path

Authenticate using your Adonis login and password. Your data is available from the file explorer through "Z" drive.

On MacOS X

To create a volume allowing you to access your data, go to the "Go" Finder menu, then choose "Connect to Server...":

connect network drive osx

Provide the "smb://" address, click on the "+" button to make OSX remember this server, and connect:

network drive path osx

Then authenticate using your Adonis login and password:

network drive authentication osx

Your data is available through the "HOMES" volume.

SSH access

Data is available through SSH (SFTP and rsync) from ICMMO's network, as well as from Internet.

The following tutorial explains the usage of the Filezilla program (which works on all systems), but every program supporting SSH file transfer (WinSCP, Fugu, CyberDuck, etc) will work.

To connect, provide the "s" host address, your Adonis login as username, your Adonis password, and click on "Quickconnect":

connection filezilla

On the very first connection, Filezilla warns that it doesn't know the server key. You have to make it trust this key:

server key filezilla

After being connected, Filezilla's window displays local files on the left, and server's on the right.

filezilla window

To avoid giving all parameters again on each connection, you can create an entry in the "site manager". To achieve that, go to "Site Manager" in the "File" menu. Choose "New site", give a relevant name such as "ICMMO", and fill form fields as follows:

  • Host:
  • Protocol: SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol
  • Logon Type: Ask for password
  • User: your login

site manager filezilla

Then you can connect using the icon below the "File" menu:

site manager filezilla (continuation)