Institut de Chimie Moléculaire et des Matériaux d'Orsay


The technical platform is part of the Common Services. It includes the instrumental platform, the mechanical and glassware workshops, and the computing and networking service. This platform is primarily serving the research Teams of the Institute. However, regarding especially the instrumental platform (diversified and efficient), some staff may sometimes participate in training or promotion activities, or in general public activities as well (mainly within the University Paris-Sud) or run external services upon request. To do this, contact the leaders of each instrumental Service. You will find below links to the various Services of the platform.


The instrumental plateform


Infrared Fourier Transform Spectroscopy analysis providing information on the molecular structure of products. It is aimed at both solids and liquids than gases.

Head : Hafsa Korri-youssoufi

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imScanning electron microscopes and transmission electron microscope Characterization of inorganic and organic materials. Determination of morphological, microstructural, microchemical and microtexturales caracteristic of materials.

Head : François Brisset

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imNuclear Magnetic Resonance Analysis technic to characterize and study the dynamics of molecules using an intense magnetic field.

Head : Jean-Pierre Baltaze

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imElectronic Paramagnetic Resonance Detection of the presence of paramagnetic species such as radicals, monomers and polynuclear from transition metal, determining the degree of oxidation of metal, differentiation of monomers / dimers etc. ...

Head: Christian Herrero

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imX-ray diffraction on thin layers The low angle diffractometer will allow to conducte, on crystallized samples, phase analysis and by reflectivity measurements to obtain thickness or roughness of layers.

Head : Vincent Ji

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imX-ray diffraction on single-crystal Analysis to achieve the precise geometrical and conformational parameters of molecules, intra and intermolecularbonds and molecular association modes.

Head : Régis Guillot


im X-ray diffraction on powders
Analysis (qualitative and quantitative) providing the nature of phases and information about the structure of the analyzed compound (cell parameters, atomic positions, ...)

Head : Romuald Saint-Martin



imMass spectrometry Analysis technique allowing the identification of molecules by measuring their mass and to characterize their structure.

Head : Tanya Inceoglu

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imMicroscopy Study of surfaces, digital topographic or electronic imaging, information on adherence, friction or hardness of the surface (imaging or spectroscopy).

Head : Sandra Mazerat

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imSuperconducting QUantum Interference Device Characterization of magnetic properties of compounds and materials. Determination of electronic configurations of magnetic centers, of interatomic exchange parameters, of anisotropic parameters, of superparamagétiques and superconductors characters, ...

Head : Eric Rivière

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X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Material chemical surface caracterisation Caractérisation ...

Responsable : Diana Dragoé

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