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Low angle Xrays Diffractometer


Michaële HERBST

Build.: 410

Tel. : 01 69 15 77 56

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What you get:

Characterization of bulk samples or thin films

- θ/2θ or low angle: phase analysis, crystal structure, reflectometry on film: roughness, density, thickness.

- Strain and textures


When an X-rays monochromatic and parallel beam strikes a crystal, it is diffracted by some lattice plans as regard to the Bragg's law: nλ = 2d sinω and diffraction peaks are obtained (with n: order of diffraction, λ: wavelength of X-ray beam, d: distance between two lattice planes, ω: angle of incidence of X-rays).


Diffraction analysis of polycrystalline or singlecrystal materials. For some characterizations, constraints on the surface quality are required.

How to use it: The X-ray diffractometer can be under free service under authorization.