Institut de Chimie Moléculaire et des Matériaux d'Orsay

Laboratoire d'Etude des Matériaux Hors Equilibre - LEMHE

Functional Oxides

Staff :

Team leader :

Pr. Nita Dragoe    

Assist. Prof :

Dr. David Berardan

Post-doc :

Dr. Lin Pan
  Dr. Nghi Pham    

Technician :

Céline Byl

Ph’D students :

Céline Barreteau
      Thi-Than-Xuan Vo

Our activities are focused on functional oxide materials, with main interest in thermoelectricity and superconductivity.

We also study the influence of the oxygen stoichiometry and of the nanostructuration on these materials properties.



Our research activity is focused on the study of electrical transport properties as a function of the temperature or other « external » parameters. Therefore, we have designed a lab-made device devoted to the measurement of the electrical resistivity and of the thermopower from room temperature to about 15K, using a closed-cycle He-free cryostat. A second system using a liquid-He cryostat is used for the measurement of the electrical resistivity (with dc or ac current), the differential conductance, or the dielectric constant, from 4K to 475K. Another probe can be used in the same cryostat to measure the thermal conductivity using the 3w method.

In the past few years, we have also designed a new setup that can be used for the simultaneous measurement of the electrical resistivity and the thermopower at high temperature under controlled oxygen partial pressure. With this setup, we can study the electrical phase diagram of oxides as a function of the oxygen stoichiometry as well as the correlations between the thermoelectric properties and the actual composition of mixed oxides, and we can seek for new optimized thermoelectric oxide materials. (see the “thermoelectricity” and “stoichiometry” pages of the team)

A list of our main equipments can be found in the “equipments” page of the team.

This work was supported by Univ. Paris-Sud (“BQR” project) and by the Division de la Recherche of the faculty.


" On the high temperature transport properties of thermoelectric oxides. " Dragoe Nita, Berardan David, Byl Céline Physica status solidi a 2011, 208, 140 [PDF]

" Experimental setup for measurements of transport properties at high temperature and under controlled atmosphere " Byl Céline, Berardan David, Dragoe Nita Measurement Science and Technology 2012, 23, 035603 [PDF]




21 février, 2013