Institut de Chimie Moléculaire et des Matériaux d'Orsay

Méthodologie, Synthèse et Molécules Thérapeutiques - MSMT

Laboratory equipments

Gas chromatography

4 free access GC :
- 1 Fison "8000 Series"
- 2 Carlo Erba Model "5300" and "5160"
- 1 Perkin Elmer "Autosystems"

The team enjoys a unique experience on the Institute with regard to the determination by chromatography (GC) of reactivity and reaction monitoring : conversion rate, yield, ...


Analytical HPLC

HPLC Dionex, Ultimate 3000 :

Quaternary pump, with solvent degassor, automatic injector, column selector, and diode array detector.
Chiral chromatography is the main activity analytical HPLC.
The acquisition of this new equipment to permit:
- Multiply the output record with its automation
- Increase our reliability due to the detector diode array
- Increase our responsiveness especially during development of separation method (column selector )
- Obtain better quality and reproducibility of analysis (oven Peltier)

The qualities of this device allows to support all the analitical activity of our group and also to help the other teams to solve their difficulties in chiral analysis.

Semi-preparative HPLC

Semi-preparative HPLC Dionex with injector - collector Gilson « liquid handler 215 » :
Ideal for difficult purification a small amount, we plan to work on this device with chiral columns.

Micro-waves reactors

Synthewave TM 402 (and Synthewave TM 1000)

First Commercial Equipment for chemical synthesis under microwave, developed jointly by the Laboratory and Society Prolabo, from a device for Kjeldahl mineralization (Maxidigest TM MX 350):
- Temperature measurement by infra-red surface
- Temperature control by power modulation between 15 and 300W
- Possibility to work at reduced pressure or solvent reflux, mechanical stirring
- Wide range on the amount of reagents used (0.2g to 50g) according to the size of the reactor
- Possibility of rise in level (up to 1 kg) on the Synthewave TM 1000.

Discover TM CEM

Equipment which has replaced the Synthewave TM 402 Prolabo.

- Temperature measurement either by infra-red surface, or by fiber optics
- Temperature control by modulating the power emitted by the magnetron (between 0 and 300W)
- Ability to work under pressure (max: 20 bar), and reflux solvent under magnetic stirring or mechanical
- Quantity of reagents used: 0.1g to 25g at atmospheric pressure, 0.1 g to 3g under pressure
- Possibility to work at very low temperatures with a system added (Coolmate)