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According to the IUPAC, the photooxygenation is the incorporation of molecular oxygen into a molecular entity. In this video you will see the photooxygenation of cyclopentadiene.
Can you guess the structure of the product?


Titanium-Mediated Cyclopropanation on Diesters: Mechanistic Study on the Dramatic Effects of Selected Parameters

Mouhamad Jida, Xavier Gaucher, Jean Ollivier Synlett 2010, 1627-1630 [PDF]

Competitive reactions of diisopropyloxy(η2-alkene)titanium on N-allyl diesters derived from natural amino acids and performed under varying conditions (temperature, nature, and concentration of Grignard reagents) show different regio- and chemoselectivities. In light of the isolated reaction products, a possible mechanism of the formation of original products is discussed.


Mots clés

Aminoacides, Synthèse asymétrique, Hétérocycles, Aminophosphonates, Réactions enzymatiques, Carbones quaternaires, Cyclopeptides, Pipéridines, Pyrrolidines, Photochimie, Cycloaddition [2+2], Réaction de Kulinkovich, Cyclopropanols, Produits naturels, Réactions palladocatalysées, Titanacyclopropanes, Composés organosiliciés, Sila-chiralité, Sila-diastéréosélectivité, Réactions de Diels-Alder, Réactions radicalires.