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Denis-Quanquin, S., Riobé, F., Delsuc, M.A., Maury, O. & Giraud, N.*
Paramagnetic DOSY: an Accurate Tool for the Analysis of the Supramolecular Interactions between Lanthanide Complexes and Proteins
Chemistry - A European Journal, in Press (2016)

Plainchont, B., Farjon, J., & Giraud, N.*
Magnetic Field Dependence of Spatial Frequency Encoding NMR
Encyclopedia of Magnetic Resonance (eMagRes), Vol 5: 1377–1382 (2016)

Plainchont, B., Pitoux, D., Hamdoun, G., Ouvrard, J.M., Merlet, D., Farjon, J., & Giraud, N.*
Achieving High Resolution And Optimizing Sensitivity In Spatially Frequency Encoding NMR Spectroscopy: From Theory To Practice
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 18: 22827 - 22839 (2016)


Mauve, C., Giraud, N., Boex-Fontvieille E.R.A., Antheaume, I., Tea, I. & Tcherkez, G.*
Kinetic commitment in glutamine synthetase catalysis as revealed by 14N/15N and solvent isotope effects
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, 108: 203-211 (2016)



Pitoux, D., Hu, Z., Plainchont, B., Merlet, D., Farjon, J., Bonnaffé, D. & Giraud, N.*
Magnetic Field Dependence Of Spatial Frequency Encoding NMR As Probed On An Oligosaccharide.
Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry, 53: 836-844 (2015)

Herbert Pucheta J.E., Pitoux, D., Grison, C.M., Robin, S., Merlet, D., Aitken, D.J., Giraud, N. & Farjon, J.*
Pushing The Limits Of Signal Resolution To Make Coupling Measurements Easier.
Chemical Communication, 51: 7939-7942 (2015)

Pitoux, D., Plainchont, B., Merlet, D., Hu, Z., Bonnaffé, D. Farjon, J., & Giraud, N.*
Fully Resolved NMR Correlation Spectroscopy.
Chemistry –A European Journal, 21: 9044-9047 (2015)


Guibal, P., Leveque, N., Doummar, D., Giraud, N., Roze, E., Rodriguez, D., Couderc, R., Billette De Villemeur, T. & Moussa, F.*
Simultaneous Determination Of All Forms of Biopterin and Neopterin in Cerebrospinal Fluid.
ACS Chemical Neuroscience, 5: 533-541 (2014)


Dumont, E., Pompidor, G., D’Aléo, A., Vicat, J., Toupet, L., Maury, O. & Giraud, N.*
Exploration of Supramolecular Interactions Involving Tris-Dipicolinate Lanthanide Complexes in Protein Crystals By a Combined Biostructural, Theoretical and NMR Study.
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 15 (41), 18235-18242 (2013)

D’Aléo, A., Dumont, E., Maury, O. & Giraud, N.*
A multidimensional approach to the analysis of NMR titration experiments in the case of a multiple reaction scheme.
Magn. Res. Chem., 51 (10): 641–648 (2013)

Giraud, N., Pitoux, D., Ouvrard, J.M. & Merlet, D.
Combining J-edited and Correlation Spectroscopies Within a Multi-Dimensional Spatial Frequency Encoding: Toward Fully Resolved 1H NMR Spectra
Chem. Eur. J., 19: 12221-12224 (2013)


Merlet, D., Beguin, L., Courtieu, J. & Giraud, N.*
Spin-Spin Coupling Edition in Chiral Liquid Crystal NMR Solvent
J. Magn. Res. 209 (2): 315-322 (2011)


Giraud, N., Beguin, L., Courtieu, J. & Merlet, D.
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Using a Spatial Frequency Encoding: Application to J-edited Spectroscopy Along the Sample
Ang. Chem. Int. Ed. 49 (20): 3481-3484 (2010)


Beguin, L., Giraud, N., Ouvrard, JM., Courtieu, J. & Merlet, D.
Improvements to Selective Refocusing phased (SERFph) experiments
J. Magn. Res. 89 (1): 41-47 (2009)

Giraud, N., Joos, M., Courtieu, J. & Merlet, D.
Application of a 1H δ-Resolved 2D NMR Experiment to the Visualisation of Enantiomers in a Chiral Environment using Sample Spatial Encoding and Selective Echoes
Magn. Res. Chem. 47 (4): 300-306 (2009)


Pompidor, G., D'Aleo, A., Vicat, J., Toupet, L., Giraud N.*, Kahn, R.* & Maury, O.*
Protein Crystallography Through Supramolecular Interactions Between a Lanthanide Complex and Arginine Amino Acid
Ang. Chem. Int. Ed. 47 (18):3388-3391 (2008)


Sein, J., Giraud, N., Blackledge, M. & Emsley, L.
The role of 15N CSA and CSA/dipole cross-correlation in 15N relaxation in solid proteins
J. Magn. Res. 186: 26-33 (2007)

Pintacuda, G., Giraud, N., Pierattelli, R., Böckmann, A., Bertini, I. & Emsley, L.
Solid State NMR of a Paramagnetic Protein: Assignment and Study of Human Dimeric Oxidized Cu(II), Zn(II) Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)
Ang. Chem. Int. Ed. 46 (7): 1079-1082 (2007)


Giraud, N., Blackledge, M., Böckmann, A. & Emsley, L.
The Influence of Nitrogen-15 Proton Driven Spin Diffusion on the Measurement of Nitrogen-15 Longitudinal Relaxation Times
J. Magn. Res., 184 (1): 51-61 (2006)

Giraud, N., Sein, J., Lesage, A., Böckmann, A., Blackledge & Emsley, L.
Observation of Heteronuclear Overhauser Effects Confirms the 15N-1H Dipolar Relaxation Mechanism in a Crystalline Protein.
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 128 (38): 12398-12399 (2006)


Giraud, N., Blackledge, M., Goldman, M., Böckmann, A., Lesage, A, Penin, F. & Emsley, L.
Quantitative Analysis of Backbone Dynamics in a Crystalline Protein from Nitrogen-15 Spin-Lattice Relaxation.

J. Am. Chem. Soc., 127(51): 18190 - 18201 (2005)


Giraud, N., Böckmann, A., Lesage, A, Penin, F., Blackledge, M. & Emsley, L.
Site Specific Backbone Dynamics from a Crystalline Protein by Solid State NMR Spectroscopy.

J. Am.Chem.Soc. 126 (37): 11422-11423 (2004)


De Paëpe, G., Giraud, N., Lesage, A., Hodgkinson, P., Böckmann, A. & Emsley, L.
Transverse Dephasing Optimized Solid State NMR Spectroscopy.

J.Am.Chem.Soc. 125 (46): 13938-13939 (2003)

Böckmann, A., Lange, A., Galinier, A., Luca, S., Giraud, N., Juy, M., Heise, H., Montserret, R., Penin, F., & Baldus, M.
Solid-state NMR sequential resonance assignments and conformational analysis of the 2*10.4 kDa dimeric form of the Bacillus Subtilis protein, Crh.
J. Biomol. NMR. 27 (4): 323-339 (2003)

Other Publications


Giraud, N.
Lecture on Multidimensional NMR
2nd GERM Thematic School (Groupement français d’Etude de Résonance Magnétique), Cargèse, Corsica, 18-23 march 2013



Courtieu, J., Giraud, N., Lafon, O., Lesot, P., Lorthioir, C. & Nuzillard, J.M.
NMR in Organic Chemistry
Actualité Chimique, 364 : 30-41 (2012)



Giraud, N.
Lecture on Fast NMR
EPJ Web of Conferences 30, 05002 (2012), Experiment and Modelling in Structural NMR



My thesis manuscript (in french) on solid-state NMR of microcrystalline proteins is available here
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