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31 – Empirical Determination of the Absolute Configuration of Small Chiral Molecules using Natural Abundance 2H NMR in Chiral Liquid Crystals.
            L. Ziani, P. Lesot, A. Meddour, J. Courtieu
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30 – NMR in Chiral Polypetide Liquid Crystals : the Problem of Amines
            A. Solgadi, L. Jean, M.C. Lasne, J. Rouden, J. Courtieu, A. Meddour
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29 – Enantiodifferentiation of acyclic phosphonium salts in chiral liquid crystalline solutions.
         A. Meddour, J. Uziel, J. Courtieu, S. Jugé
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28 – Enantioselective Intramolecular Hydroamination Catalysed by Lanthanide Ate Complexes Coordinated By N-Substituted (R)-1,1-Binaphtyl-2,2-diamido Ligands
         D. Riegert, J. Collin, A. Meddour, E. Schulz, A. Trifonov
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27 - Synthesis and Characterization of New Polyamides Based on Diphenylaminoisosorbide
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26 - Solvent-free condensation of arylacetonitrile with aldehydes.
         R. Guillot, A. Loupy, A. Meddour, M. Pellet, A. Petit
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25 - Highly enantioselective sequential Claisen–Ireland/metathesis: synthesis of cycloalkenes bearing two contiguous highly functionalized asymmetric centres.
         A. Francais, O. Bedel, W. Picoul, A. Meddour, J. Courtieu, A. Haudrechy
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24 - Enzymatic Fluorination in Streptomyces Cattleya Takes Place with an Inversion of Configuration Consistent with an SN2 Reaction Mechanism.
         C. D. Cadicamo, J. Courtieu, H. Deng, A. Meddour, D. O'Hagan
         ChemBioChem 2004, 5, 685-690.

23 - Enantiomeric Discrimination of Water Soluble Compounds using Deuterium NMR in a Glucopon/Buffered Water/n-Hexanol Chiral Lyotropic Liquid Crystal.
         A. Solgadi, A. Meddour, J. Courtieu
         Tetrahedron: Asymmetry, 2004, 15, 1315-1318.

22 - Assay for Enantiomeric Analysis of [2H1]-Fluoroacetic Acid: Insight into the Stereochemical Course of Fluorination During Fluorometabolite Biosynthesis in Streptomyces cattleya.
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21 - Chiral Liquid Crystal NMR: A Tool for Enantiomeric Analysis.
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20 - Monitoring the Differential Ordering of Enantiomers Included into Cyclodextrins through Deuterium NMR in Lyotropic Liquid Crystals.
         J.M. Péchiné, A. Meddour, J. Courtieu
            Chem. Commun. 2002, 1734-1735.

19 - Extreme Enantiomeric Discrimination of Fluoroalkanes using Deuterium NMR in Chiral Liquid Crystalline Media..
         M. Tavasli, J. Courtieu, R. J. M. Goss, A. Meddour, D. O’Hagan
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18 - Achiral Deuterated Derivatizing Agent for Enantiomeric Analysis of Carboxylic Acids by NMR in a Chiral Liquid Crystalline Solvent.
         A. Meddour, J. Courtieu
         Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 2000, 11, 3635-3644.

17 - Deuterium NMR Stereochemical Analysis of Threo-Erythro Isomers Bearing Remote Stereogenic Centres in Racemic and Non-Racemic Liquid Crystalline Solvents.
         C. Canlet, D. Merlet, P. Lesot, A. Meddour, A. Loewenstein, J. Courtieu
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16 - Diastereomeric Shape Recognition Using NMR Spectroscopy in a Chiral Liquid Crystalline Solvent.
         A. Meddour, C. Canlet, L. Blanco, J. Courtieu
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15 - Crystal Structures of m2-Fluoro- and m2-Salicylaldoximato-Bridged m3-Oxo-tris-(Dimethyltin(IV)) bis(Salicylaldoximate).
         F. A. G. Mercier, A. Meddour, M. Gielen, M. Biesemans, R. Willem, E. R. T. Tiekink
         Organometallics 1998, 17, 5933-5936.

14 - Gradient-Enhanced 2D Multinuclear NMR and X-Ray Diffraction Studies of Reaction Products of Dimethyltin(IV) Salicylaldoximate with Chiral Alcohols.
         A. Meddour, A. Bouhdid, M. Gielen, M. Biesemans, F. Mercier, E. R. T. Tiekink, R. Willem Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 1998, 1467-1472.

13 - Enantiomeric Analysis of Homologous Series of Secondary Alcohols by Deuterium NMR Spectroscopy in a Chiral Nematic Liquid Crystal: Influence of Molecular Geometry on Chiral Discrimination.
         A. Meddour, D. Atkinson, A. Loewenstein, J. Courtieu
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12 - On the Assignment of 119Sn Resonances of bis-[Dicarboxylatotetraorganodistannoxanes] in Solution and Solid State 119Sn NMR Spectra.
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11 - Measurement of the Optical Purity of Fluorinated Compounds Using Proton Decoupled 19F NMR Spectroscopy in a Chiral Liquid Crystal Solvent.
         M. Jakubcova, A. Meddour, J.M. Péchiné, A. Baklouti, J. Courtieu
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10 - Synthesis and Solution State Characterization by Gradient Enhanced 2D Multinuclear NMR Spectroscopy of a Fluorine-Bridged Dimethyltin(IV) Salicylaldoximate Derivative.
         A. Meddour, F. Mercier, J. C. Martins, M. Gielen, M. Biesemans, R. Willem
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9 - X-Ray Diffraction and 2D Gradient-Assisted 1H-119Sn HMQC NMR Studies of Structures Obtained from Nucleophilic Substitutions on Dimethyltin(IV) Salicylaldoximates.
         R. Willem, A. Bouhdid, A. Meddour, C. Camacho-Camacho, F. Mercier, M. Gielen, M. Biesemans, F. Ribot, C. Sanchez, E. R. T. Tiekink
         Organometallics 1997, 16, 4377-4385.

8 - Proton-Decoupled Carbon-13 NMR Spectroscopy in a Lyotropic Chiral Nematic Solvent as an Analytical Tool for the Measurement of the Enantiomeric Excess.
         A. Meddour, P. Berdagué, A. Hedli, J. Courtieu, P. Lesot
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7 - An Achiral Deuterated Derivatizing Agent for Enantiomeric Analysis Through NMR in a Liquid Crystalline Solvent.
         A. Meddour, A. Loewenstein, J.M. Péchiné, J. Courtieu
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6 - Analysis of the Diasteteoselectivity of a Diels-Alder Cycloaddition Through 2H NMR in Chiral Liquid Crystals.
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5 - Gas Chromatographic Properties of two Thermotropic Poly-(L-Glutamates) with Long Alkyl Side Chains.
         A. Meddour, J. Courtieu, W. Abdelhadi, S. Guermouche, M. H. Guermouche
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4 - Visualisation of Enantiomers in a Polypeptide Liquid-Crystal Solvent through Carbon-13 NMR Spectroscopy.
         P. Lesot, D. Merlet, A. Meddour, J. Courtieu, A. Loewenstein
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3 - Enantiomeric Analysis in a Polypeptide Lyotropic Liquid Crystal by Deuterium NMR.
         I. Canet, J. Courtieu, A. Loewenstein, A. Meddour, J.M. Péchiné
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2 - Observation of Enantiomers, Chiral by Virtue of Isotopic Substitution, through Deuterium NMR in a Polypeptide Liquid Crystal.
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1 - New and Accurate Method to Determine the Enantiomeric Purity of Amino Acids Based on Deuterium NMR in a Cholesteric Lyotropic Liquid Crystal.
         I. Canet, A. Meddour, J. Courtieu, J.L. Canet, J. Salaün
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