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Synthèse et caractérisation de nanoparticules





Functionalized polymer nanoparticles were synthesized by emulsifier-free emulsion polymerization of styrene with amino-functionalized monomers. The latexes were characterized by gravimetry, dynamic light scattering and colorimetric titration in order to obtain the styrene conversion, the hydrodynamic diameter, the particle size distribution and the concentration of surface amino groups, respectively. Then, glycosydic molecules such as maltose, lactose, maltotriose and galactopyranosylethanal were covalently grafted to the nanoparticles by amidation or reductive amination.




Synthesis and characterization of glycosylated nanoparticles. B Lepoittevin, S Masson, V Huc, C Haut, P Roger. e-Polymers, no 032, 2006.