Institut de Chimie Moléculaire et des Matériaux d'Orsay

Laboratoire de Catalyse Moléculaire - LCM

Former Faculty/ Academics/ Staff Members

Director: Emmanuelle Schulz (DR CNRS)

Jean-Claude FIAUD

Emeritus Professor (retired in 2011)

Palladium and Enzymatic Chemistry

Keywords: chirality, asymmetric catalysis, palladium, phosphorus, kinetic resolution, chiral ligands.

Jean-Claude POULIN

CNRS Research Fellow (retired in 2011)

Near-Field Scanning Microscopy


Keywords: asymmetric catalysis, AFM, STM, microscopy.

Jacqueline COLLIN

CNRS Research Fellow (retired in 2010)


Keywords: lanthanides, lewis acids, tandem reactions, lanthanide complexes, enantioselective catalysis, enantioselective hydroamination.

Jean-Louis NAMY

Emeritus Professor

Lanthanide Chemistry

Keywords: catalysis, transition metals, lanthanides, organic synthesis.

Marie-Georges GUILLEREZ

Associate Professor (retired in 2010)

Molecular Modelisation


Keywords: asymmetric catalysis, chirality, organic synthesis, chiral ligands.

Francois GUIBE

CNRS Research Fellow (retired in 2008)

Metathesis and Radical Reactions

Keywords: chirality, asymmetric catalysis, samarium, metathesis, radical.