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From Molecular Switches to nanoscale memories and switching Devices

Anne Bleuzen, Amélie Bordage, Giulia Fornasieri

Key words:magnetism et photomagnetism, sol-gel chemistry, nanostructured oxides, synchrotron radiation, Prussian blue analogues


Magnetic Nanosystems

Victoria E. Campbell, Laure Catala, Talal Mallah, Sandra Mazerat

Key words: magnetism, nanoparticles, coordination chemistry, spintronics, surface chemistry


Photochromism and photo-modulable systems

Pei Yu, Anne Léaustic


Key words: photocommutation, organic synthesis


Mixed hybridization systems

Vincent Huc


Key words: synthèse organique, calixarenes, carbon nanotubes


Artificial Photosynthesis

Ally Aukauloo, Marie Sircoglou


Key words: atificial photosynthesis, catalysis, photocatalysis


Iron complexes, bioinspired catalysis

Frédéric Banse, Katell Sénéchal-David, Jean-Jacques Girerd


Key words: synthesis, homogeneous catalysis


Spin-crossover nanomaterials and Optical spin-state control

Marie-Laure Boillot


Key words: coordination chemistry, nanochemistry, )photo)magnetism, (photo)switching and bistability



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Instrumentation : Eric Rivière