Institut de Chimie Moléculaire et des Matériaux d'Orsay

Laboratoire de Chimie Inorganique - LCI

Spin-crossover nanomaterials - Optical spin-state control

Marie-Laure Boillot
Olga Iasco (post-doc), Jérôme Lainey (Ph.D. candidate), Luong-Lam Nguyen (Ph.D. candidate)




The research program focusses on the spin-crossover compounds, a class of functional materials able to switch their spin state upon external stimuli. The induction by light is a promising approach as it can be exploited for switching the properties of very small objects at very short time scales. This goal requires to control the phototransformation of spin-crossover solids, in particular in the form of size-reduced objects. Our research work focuses on the photoinduced spin-crossover, based on LIESST (Light-induced excited spin state trapping) and more especially LD-LISC (Ligand-driven light-induced spin change), the latter providing a reversible spin-state conversion that derives from the ligand photoisomerization.
The research objectives are to develop photoactive materials showing new functionalities, to process them for studying photoinduced effects at nanoscale and in interdisciplinar projects, at ultrafast time scale, to adapt the materials (particles, matrices) for probing their potentialities in the elaboration of optical memories.


Photoswitching of stilbenoid complexes in diluted thin films and crystalline media


Nanoparticles of molecular spin-crossover materials


Mecanism and dynamic of the spin-state photoswitching



-Azzedine Bousseksou, Gabor Molnar, UPR CNRS 8241 Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination, Toulouse

-Eric Collet, Hervé Cailleau, Maciej Lorenc, Loic Toupet, UMR UR1-CNRS 6251, Institut de Physique de Rennes,
Université de Rennes 1, Rennes.

-Cristian Enachescu, Alexandru Stancu, Faculty of Physics, Department of Physics, "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University, Iasi, Romania

- Jean-Marc Grenèche, Institut des Molécules et Matériaux du Mans (IMMM), UMR CNRS 6283 Université du Maine, Le Mans

-Andreas Hauser, Département de Chimie-Physique, Université de Genève - Sciences II, Suisse.

-Jorge Linarès, UMR CNRS 8635, GEMAC, Université Versailles Saint-Quentin, Versailles.

-Jean-Marie Mouesca, DRFMC/SCIB, CEA, Grenoble.

-Gilles Pauliat, UMR CNRS 8501, Laboratoire Charles Fabry de l'Institut d'Optique, Campus Polytechnique, Palaiseau.

-Sébastien Pillet, Claude Lecomte, UMR CNRS 7036, Laboratoire de Cristallographie, Résonance Magnétique et Modélisations, Institut Jean Barriol, Faculté des Sciences, Vandoeuvre les Nancy.







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