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Laboratoire de Chimie Inorganique - LCI

Giant Calixarenes: a family of macomolecular objects

Vincent Huc
Cyril Martini


As a part of our research program devoted to the study of calixarene chemistry, we recently discovered that some specifically functionalised phenols allows for the formation of very large calixarene-type cyclic oligomers, containing up to 200 phenolic sub-units. These unprecedented « giant calixarenes » are easily obtained according to a one-step strategy, just using water as a solvent. In some cases, they’re obtained in quantitative yields, directly as pure compounds (see NMR spectra below) in > 100g amounts. The surprisingly high efficiency of the synthesis of these giant calixarenes points to a fundamentally new SOLID-STATE ORGANIC CHEMISTRY. This completely new family of macromolecular objects opens promising perspectives in such diverse areas as materials reinforcement, Vectorisation, single molecule micellar objects etc…

Publications Recents :

3 papers in preparation

4 patenets

december 2011; FR 11/61497

august 2012;  FR/12/58051

august 2012;  FR/12/58052

august 2012;  FR/12/58054





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