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Functional objects processing by using nanostructured oxides elaborated via sol-gel chemistry combined with structuring agents.

Anne Bleuzen,Giulia Fornasieri
Virgile Trannoy


The successful integration of switchable compounds into real applications depends on an additional processing step. As the physical properties of the functional objects depend on their size and shape, the control of these parameters and the study of their effect on the properties is also a prerequisite for future applications.

Surfactant-templated silica affords optically transparent and chemically inert silica matrices exhibiting well-defined pore size, shape and spatial organization, which can besides be processed as powders, monoliths, thin films... In order to take advantages of the exceptional processing flexibility inherent in sol-gel chemistry, we develop processing strategies using the porosity of sol-gel derived nanostructured oxides as nanoreactors for functional particles formation.




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