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Ally Aukauloo


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Artificcial Photosynthesis

I am Professor in Bioinorganic Chemistry and Coordination Chemistry at the University Paris Sud. I did my PhD work in the field of porphyrin derivatives under the supervision of Pr. R. Guilard (University of Burgundy France) and Pr. E. Vogel (University of Köln, Germany). In 1995, I was offered a position as assistant professor at the University of Paris Sud to work in the field of molecular magnetism in the team led by Dr. Y. Journaux and Pr. J.-J. Girerd. After spending 5 years in the field, I joined the group of Pr. J. Collman at the Stanford University to work on Cytochrome c Oxydase models. In 2001, I had an associate professor position at the University Paris Sud to work in the field of artificial photosynthesis. Since 2005, I am also a scientific consultant at the CEA (Commissariat à l’Énergie Atomique) in Saclay where I supervise a group of chemists and photo-physicists in the Artificial Photosynthesis research program.


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