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Subject 2 (J.-P. Mahy)
Design and synthesis of new metal complexes
and study of their interactions with biomolecules

R. Ricoux, F. Avenier, W. Ghattas, J.-P. Mahy


    2.7. Design of artificial metalloenzymes (Artzymes) for applications in enantioselective catalysis
    R. Ricoux, W. Ghattas




    αRep is a new family of artificial proteins based on a thermostable alpha-helical repeated motif. One of its members, αRep A3, forms a stable homo-dimer with a wide cleft that is able to receive metal complexes and thus appears as suitable for generating new artificial biocatalysts.

    A phenanthroline ligand was covalently attached to the unique cysteine of each F119C and Y26C αRep A3 variant and the corresponding biohybrids were found to be able, in the presence of Copper(II), to catalyze enantioselectively the Diels-Alder (D-A) cycloaddition with up to 62% ee.

    This study validates the choice of the αRep A3 dimer as a protein scaffold and provides a new promising route for the design and production of new enantioselective biohybrids based on entirely artificial proteins issued from a highly diverse library.

    Chem. Eur. J. (2017) 23, 10156-10166