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Subject 2 (J.-P. Mahy)
Design and synthesis of new metal complexes
and study of their interactions with biomolecules

R. Ricoux, F. Avenier, W. Ghattas, J.-P. Mahy



2.4. Insertion of metalloenzymes into “Metal Organic Frameworks“ (MOF) : new catalysts for oxidative decontamination reactions
R. Ricoux
(in collaboration with Inst. Lavoisier Versailles, labEx CHARM3AT)




MP8 is a micro-enzyme (< 1300 Å3) that performs two distinct catalytic functions (microperoxydase and monoxygenase) and is a very useful and exceptionally active molecule for biocatalytic purposes, if stabilized properly. It has thus been immobilized into a highly porous and robust MOF, MIL-101(Cr) and the obtained data show the enhancement of the catalytic activity of MP8 after immobilization.

For review see: Material Horizons (2017) 4, 55-63