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Subject 2 (J.-P. Mahy)
Design and synthesis of new metal complexes
and study of their interactions with biomolecules

R. Ricoux, F. Avenier, W. Ghattas, J.-P. Mahy



2.10. Artificial metalloenzymes for theranostics
W. Ghattas

Agents targeting diseased tissue and combining diagnostic tools with therapeutics to combat different aspects of a disease are of major societal interest. We aim at the development and the assessment of hybrid molecules comprising a drug ligand of a membrane receptor bound to a metal-based catalyst.

These hybrid molecules will be designed to target drug 1 receptor in the affected tissue, wherein they will form artificial metalloenzymes that would be able to convert either a pro-drug 2 into an active drug or an imaging probe from the “off” state to the “on” state,respectively, at their target.