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Hydrogen Storage/purification




material science

  • elaboration of metal and alloy nano-particles

  • electrochemical hydrogen insertion

  • gas-phase hydrogen insertion



Electrochemical sorption isotherm
of the PdH system



Pd nanoparticles.



Isotherms on bulk and nanoPD-H.



hydrogen storage in hydride forming materials

  • isotherms

  • gas-phase impedance measurement

  • modelling



Gas-phase isotherms measured
on LaNi5-H2.


Gas-phase impedance diagrams during the hydriding of LaNi5H2.



Gas-phase impedance diagrams of LaNi5H2 during air contamination.




hydrogen purification by permeation

  • elaboration of metallic membrane materials

  • permeation across thin supported Pd-based membranes

  • permeation through multi-wall cylinders



Ti-supported micrometer thick Pd membrane



Typical impedance diagram of H2 permation through Pd.




Impedance diagrams of H2
permeation through Pd hollow


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